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There’s no doubt you could have very talented individuals on your real estate team, but as a team, they may have stopped working together properly.  It’s not uncommon that teams stop feeling and acting as one unit; sort of like a couple who have drifted apart. This lack of collaboration can often stem from a lack of motivation.  

There are things you can do to address this issue and get your unmotivated team motivated again.  Here are 6 things you can start doing today to regain the spark your team once had.

1. Get to know each individual

Different people get motivated by different things; it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Knowing your team members goes beyond knowing them on a professional level. It’s getting to know them on a personal level and knowing a bit more about their personal lives.

This isn’t that easy to do since you don’t want to cross the line. But you should try to have a better understanding of their lifestyle out of the office. Some might be more motivated to work out of the office, others might want more freedom to take risks.  Knowing each team member will equip you better on how to motivate each of them.

2. Formula for success

Take a good, hard look at your internal structure. Do you have the right person in place for the right job? One person may be an expert on mortgages, while another may know everything about the latest real estate technologies. A team needs to be balanced in talent. Only then can action be taken. It’s of no value to having motivation that is not followed by action.

Finding avenues to supplement and complement your work could mean using companies that provide you with motivated home seller leads of people who want to sell their homes as quickly as possible.

Basically, these companies will do the legwork for you and provide you with the seller’s name, email address, phone number, street address, postal code, city, state, property type, MLS listing status, and asking price. With that information provided and more, it only becomes easier to take action.

3. Train and develop

Real estate is a lot more than just having a license. There’s a good chance some team members don’t understand or know what you want. You have to clarify how you want things to get done and train each team member.

Show them if anything was done wrong, or encourage them on what could be improved. Develop that communicative relationship to teach them how to further enhance their selling ability.

4. Develop discipline

We know those individuals who are notorious for doing minimal work. Yet, for one reason or another, they seem to get away with it, and your team will definitely notice a bad employee gets away with their lack of work. Their lack of motivation is affecting the rest of the team members more than you think.


It kills productivity when someone doing much less is getting the same treatment, pay and benefits of those working better. So weed out poor performers because they’re destroying your company culture.

5. Team goals

team work
 What you want to do most is to make goals realistic, so you need to use your best judgment on that. You want your goals to be measurable and specific as well. If your team doesn’t know what is expected of them, they won’t know what to strive for or have a goal to achieve. Implement a healthy level of competition and give individualized goals for the day, week, and month.

6. Recognition

 Everyone wants to get recognized for a job well done. Just saying ‘thank-you’ is an overall recognition that doesn’t have a lasting effect. When thanking an employee, be more specific in what they have done to seal a deal or improve work.

Did they work over time? Did they show houses to people during ungodly hours? They must have done some specifics, so you want to take note of those and mention them in your recognition of an employee’s hard work.

Every day, thank a different employee for something they’ve done.
The word ‘motivation’ itself comes from the Latin word ‘movere’, which means ‘to move’, and making things happen is the main goal of any business. In real estate, you’re not going to tell your team how to get motivated.

Instead, you’re going to ask them what needs to be changed in order to move. This question will elicit responses from your members to get everyone on the same page in order to move forward as a team. 

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To add to this article or start a conversation, join our forum to share your opinions with other readers. For stories of this sort and more, do well to log on to www.jbklutse.com or visit us on Facebook.

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