If you rarely use postal services, package shipping overseas may sound like a task beyond your comprehension. And even if you have shipped a parcel or two, you might still feel confused about the procedures. International shipping is indeed complicated, but not as difficult as it sounds.

All you have to do is to follow these 5 tips to make package shipping overseas easier. Let’s begin.

Get familiar with package shipping rules and regulations

Everything that’s unknown feels daunting. That’s why the best way to make package shipping overseas easier is to find out as much information as possible. Get to know what it is and how it works. Consider different ways your parcel may travel to another country, either by air or by water.

Can you choose the road it will take and what can you, as a sender, do to ensure that the shipping procedures go smoothly? Once you know these ins and outs, it’ll become simpler to navigate everything.

Pay the most attention to the destination country. Most international shipping rules apply to all parts of the world, but usually, each country has its own regulations. Be sure to check what items are allowed to be shipped and what are prohibited. Don’t take your chances, as your parcel might be stopped and confiscated.

Choose correct packaging

You might have heard or even experienced first-hand how parcels arrive partly damaged. It makes package shipping overseas seem unreliable. But it’s not true. Many things depend on the packaging. Imagine this. If you’re shipping to Poland, your parcel will travel a long way. It may change transportation vehicles, be lifted, and put down many times.

No wonder that some boxes get scratched and bent. But that simply means that you need to choose a durable package.

You have to consider both external and internal packaging. It’s best to choose a rectangular, cardboard box. You can buy a new one or reuse an old box, if it fits and is sturdy enough. Be sure to get materials for internal packaging as well.

You can buy special products, such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts, or use what you have at home, i.e. crumpled paper, old newspapers. Try not to leave any empty space inside the box. It’ll prevent items from tumbling and lessen the risk of getting damaged. Don’t forget to close the lid firmly and you’ll be set.

Compare package shipping services offered by different companies

You can choose from more than one company that offers package shipping overseas. But you won’t know which one to pick, until you compare their service. Start by checking which companies ship to the country of your interest. Then, compare their shipping rates and delivery times.

Try to find the balance between the cost and the time, because sometimes lower prices mean longer delivery time. Don’t forget to consider additional perks the parcel shipping company is giving. You’ll see that the price is not the only determinant.

Insure and track your package

It’s natural to feel anxious about whether your package will reach its destination safely. After all, you’re shipping it overseas. But there’s a way to relieve yourself and make package shipping overseas easier.

Get your parcel insured. Insurance will help to cover loss, if anything unexpected happens during the shipping. See what kind of insurance the shipping company of your choice provides and don’t hesitate to get more guarantees.

You can also keep an eye on your package by tracking it. It’s a great way to know where your parcel is at the moment and when it arrives at its destination. Nowadays most parcel service providers offer package tracking. But it’s not necessarily a full tracking.

Some companies might only give partial tracking or not have it for certain countries. If you’re shipping to Russia, Ukraine, or any other faraway country, it won’t hurt to double-check what kind of tracking is provided there.

Acknowledge the value of proper documentation

Nothing makes package shipping overseas easier than proper documentation. It includes the address, customs form, and any other labels on the package. They’re almost the same as an ID for a person. That’s why you need to put effort into writing everything carefully.

The address should be easy to read and placed on a clearly visible spot on the package. If your item is fragile or requires any other type of extra care, stick appropriate labels, where the carrier can see them. Finally, fill in the customs form.

Provide all the information needed and don’t exclude any of the items inside the parcel. It’ll speed up the customs procedures and your package will reach its destination faster.

Package shipping overseas is a complex process. But it gets easier as you familiarize yourself with its regulations. Don’t forget to pack your items correctly, try to pick a parcel service that meets your needs the most. Finally, get insurance and a tracking number for your goods and properly fill in the required documents.

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