When you post something online or have an online business/website, you dwell and depend upon traffic – the more online traffic you have, the more beneficial it is for you. Who does not want a good amount of traffic visiting this website?
You often find yourself checking the statistics of your website, every single day. Probably that will be the first thing in the morning and the final thing at night you would be doing. While you constantly think of some new kinds to bring and receive even more traffic, whether it’s referral traffic or organic traffic or maybe something else.
You might get stuck in between during this process, hence you must do some research work, as to how to fetch more traffic. Many SEO Packages help major keywords to rank on top, increasing traffic on your website. Here are 12 ways that will help you to improve SEO website traffic.

1. Create an email list

Improvement website traffic by building an email list. Building a powerful email list is not simple, but it’s important for anyone who has an online business. A promising schedule and email marketing strategy can generate a smooth river of traffic, as well as more customers and communication.
One means to collect more emails in your plan is to deliver important downloadable content to your viewers that require a subscription. You want to resist selling email lists, though, as those guides aren’t equipped enough and could tag your emails as spam.

2. Regularly blog

Blogging and content trading has become a huge part of digital marketing in the current years. Now it seems like most websites and businesses have their blog, and for good reason – blogging creates more traffic to your site, helps you create better and healthier relationships with your audience, and can help you define yourself as a new leader in your topic.
You can prevent blogging from being time-consuming by adapting a satisfactory strategy. You start by organizing a content calendar
The more useful your content is, the more your audience will enjoy it and share it – which will lead to more traffic to your site and more enthusiastic fans who will attend your blog continuously.

3. Communicate with audiences on social media

Social media can be an enormous source of traffic, but it expects everyday attention to fetch you the results you need. First of all, make sure you have put in links to your website in your several different bios.
From there, to cultivate your social media existence and afterwards, your traffic, you have to confront audiences as much as possible.
Share any new, beneficial content that you distribute on your website on your social media, and make sure to add social media handles sharing tabs on your blog and website so that your viewers can share as well.

4. Employ social media ads

 The nicest means to get sharp results from social media is to formulate ads.
Facebook in particular is creating it especially tough for brands and businesses to get their posts in front of their audiences, but with ads, you can get a sudden gain in traffic.
Most social networks have tremendous targeting and several types of ads to suit most wants, and they also carry in good results.

5. Making an account on StumbleUpon will be very helpful

StumbleUpon can be a remarkable source of traffic. Many have often noticed enormous spikes in viewers’ numbers from StumbleUpon even without trying to accomplish that.
If you’re not aware of StumbleUpon, it’s a content coordination website where the nicest chunks of content – images, video, or text – can suddenly go viral.
You can start by creating a profile, and link it to your website or blog in your bio. From there, start constructing good and creative stumbling great posts, and searching for people to follow who have the same interests as your
You can share each other’s work and publish content. StumbleUpon will help you publish more and more content. The audience will be automatically driven to your account. More regular and authentic content excites many viewers.

6. Do a regular  SEO audit of your website

This will help you optimize your website is a good and fast way. You can use many online tools for conducting the audit. Your SEO audit can be done yearly, monthly, weekly, depending on you.
To increase SEO, use keywords in your post, headlined, and copy, add meta definitions and descriptions to your publish and alt text to your images, use tags and add links to your posts.
It is very important to do a regular  SEO audit of your website. It will help you recognize your mistakes and allow you to improve them. A regular SEO audit can be done won’t take much of your time and could be done easily.

7. Opt for more and more guest blogging

Guest blogging is an enormous and promotional way to reach fresh and new audiences that could then take a tour of your website if they would like what you had to confess or express, as well as a means to get more links to your website.
Another way to improve your traffic through guest blogging is to get someone to write and share a post for your blog.  So when you find the correct influencers similar to your niche, don’t be scared to ask them if they are ready to compose and write something for you.

8. Use internal links

Whenever you’re posting or publishing new content, review to see if there are any phrases that you can link to other content on your website. Make sure that the link is applicable, and don’t add extra or too many links to every post, as it might put off your viewers or users.
Internal links are very beneficial as they assist you with search engine optimization, and they also obtain some of your readers to use up more time on your website.

9. Use the strength of visual content

Images can make a big difference to your traffic. Research indicates that while individuals recall only 20% of what they read, they remember 80% of what they see.
Attention-seeking, eye-catchy, fun, and colourful images, suggest more lots on social media and they make reading a much more enjoyable and delightful experience.
So from now on whenever you share a post on social media makes sure that you also put in an image, picture. Otherwise, your update will possibly not even be known or will be given attention to.

10. Draw infographics

Infographics are great references to traffic. All of the infographics that have been published on different websites have not only earned a lot of attention but also fetch more traffic.
Infographics get a bunch of shares and engagement because they’re much more attention-seeking than a formal blog post, which also helps in communicating a lot of helpful data.
But what makes infographics incredible is that once you’ve published, you can deliver it to infographic directories and connect with influencers and other websites and bloggers to watch if they are curious about posting your infographic on their locations. This will result in more exposure, raised brand awareness, and extra traffic.
While hiring a graphic designer or agency which does not indulge in your budget, you can also give a try to any one of the free infographic instruments usable online. For example, Visme, allows non-designers to make not just infographics, but also communicative slide decks, social media pictures, and other pictorial content.

11.  Introduce yourself to forum marketing

Forum marketing is an often-disregarded aspect of marketing; one of the explanations for this could be the fact it can take a long time to accumulate your profiles on different forums and it’s an endless task. If you keep on doing it continuously and stick with it though, it can get you more and organic traffic and transformations.
To get started, research what the most prominent forums in your place are, but make sure they are effective and not injected with spam. Then, build a profile and begin to interact; in the starting, try not to seem as if you’re only there for business, but rather try to be beneficial and interesting and show that you are notified.
Only once you open creating a connection with other users,  you can truly start advertising yourself, but not too fastly.  Many forums authorize you to add a signature that emerges at the end of all of your posts that can comprise a link. Try making good signatures to lure users to your website, or even better, to your sign up form.

12. Comment on other relevant blogs

Blog commenting is very related to forum marketing, in the sense that you should take the time to show that you’re attempting to be helpful when commenting with a link, rather than desiring for traffic. In the modern world, you should try commenting regularly on blogs similar to yours.
When you do connect to one of your pages, make sure that it appreciates the post you’re commenting on and specifically you clarify why you’re communicating and sharing that particular link.
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