‘Beard envy’ is a common disease that has caught up with most of our men on the streets. In our world, a lot of people are worshipping beards making men with little or no beard feel less of men. This is mainly for the marvellous transition they have on young men by enhancing their appearance and making them manlier. For these and more reasons, you will find most guys aged 20-30 with scummy growth pills, beard oils or sprays. See this article on the best rated beard balms.
Unfortunately, some of these products will not only extort you but also give you none of the results you are expecting.
At this point, you might be left wondering if there are beard growth oil that can stimulate your whiskers to grow thick. There are more natural methods to grow beards very fast. Some of them are the things we ignore or fail to appreciate. This article has covered some of those methods
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1. Exfoliate your skin

  1. Once in a while you need to scrub your beard with a scrub or skin exfoliates specifically designed for men. The sole purpose of embracing this routine is to remove dead cells that inhibit the growth of new beards. Besides the scrub, you can also try using an exfoliating mask. You can apply this on your whole face for 20-30 minutes and later clean it off.  It works the same way as a scrub.

2. Sleep and exercises

Improving your body should always start with the lifestyle you live. Many of us dismiss the fact that enough sleep is essential for human’s growth. You should always have a night sleep of 6-8 hours of sleep daily. More hours of sleep helps in the release of testosterone twice better than one who has 4 hours of sleep. Moreover, you should reduce your stress as its presence increases the cortisol hormone that causes your shafts to grow weaker. Enough exercises are also vital as they stimulate your circulation of nutrients into your hair roots leading to faster growth.

3. Eat nutritious foods

If you are thinking of having a massive beard, your meal should be very nutritious and well-balanced. Make sure that your diet is spiced up with enough minerals and vitamins to help your hair grow. The most significant percentage of your shafts are proteins; hence the more reason to eat bodybuilding foods. However, do not take them in excess as they cause the hardening of hairs. Animal proteins are more recommendable than plants’ since they speed up the growth.

5. Drink more water

This phrase already sounds like a cliché to your ears and may not make sense at now. However, you need to know that your beards need to stay hydrated for them to grow fuller and faster. Moreover, less water means that less blood flows to your face to ‘transport’ nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for your beard growth.

6. Take supplements

If you want to make your beards grow faster, you can complement your diet with quality supplements. These supplements can be in the form of copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin D, and vitamin E since they stimulate the growth of hair. In addition to this, you can take biotin to ensure that your beard grows thicker.

7. Keep your skin clean

Clean skin encourages beards to grow. To maintain this, ensure that you wash it with warm water and a mild cleanser every morning. Moreover, ensure that you use a moisturizer, especially with eucalyptus.
Beards are very helpful to very man especially with the enhancement of looks and the feel of masculinity. You don’t have to feel wrong about them anymore as long as you put the tips above into action.

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