If you have been pondering on how to slide into your crush’s DM and shoot your shot, this post will definitely help. See Brilliant ways to slide into a girl’s DM like a pro:
1. Your first line: According to PulseNG, your 1st line has to make sense. Greetings like “Hi baby,” “Good morning my love,” will not help you at all. In fact, you will not get a response. She does not know you that well, so forget all that familiarity.
2. Use reasonable handles/names: Avoid ridiculous handles like @nonsotoomuchmoney and @tonybillionaire @tayerunning things e.t.c, it is a major turn off for some girls and it makes you appear arrogant.
3. The content of your page: What are you flaunting your shirtless body for when you are just trying to get to know a girl online? Some guys even go as far as showing off a stack of cash or gold chains jut to entice a lady. I hate to break it to you; it rarely works.

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4. Go straight to the point: Stop dancing around what you want. Avoid wasting her time and your own time by hitting the nail on the head early enough. An excellent way to be direct is by sending, “Hi, my name is David. Can I know you better?”
5. Avoid annoying abbreviations: You should not be sending “Hi, my name z Paul. Pliz snd ur numba. I’ll lyk 2 stay in touch” to a girl if you want her to take you seriously. It will cost you nothing to send “Hi, my name is Paul. Please send your number. I’ll like to stay in touch,” Do the right thing even if it will take a longer time.
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