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Gambling occupies one of the leading positions on the global entertainment market but considering the number of online operators it is rather challenging to withstand competition. That is why gambling companies are racking their brains over the ways how to attract more customers and make them stay.

Interested in the latest ways of engaging gamblers? We are ready to tell you about them!


Do you know why so many people love attending land-based casinos? Very often players simply want to get access to additional free perks like meals, drinks, accommodation, and transport. Of course, all these features are not available online but platforms can still offer a wide range of bonuses and offers to attract new players and hold regular ones.

Such promotions may include a constantly updating list of the best no deposit bonuses that are given upon sign up, free money, demo versions, and other attractive features. Both new and regular customers can get access to loyalty programs that consist of multiple levels and allow gamblers increasing withdrawal limits, getting cash back, earning valuable prizes, and participating in VIP tournaments, and much more.

Another way to attract online customers is by having a referral program: players get additional bonuses or even cash money for inviting a friend to a casino. 

High Payout Percentage

Payout Percentage is the amount of money, which slot customers will get when wagering money. Online casinos can offer different payout rates – usually between 95% and 98%. When a payout rate equals 95% it means that players can get $95 for a $100 bet.

The statistic shows that gamblers pay much attention to the payout percentage and choose an online casino with a higher rate. To make the game more beneficial they usually choose a platform with a 96%+ payout percentage. Visit a few casinos and you’ll notice that they advertise RTPs. It’s a part of a winning strategy for attracting more gamblers.

However, to get clearer information it is better checking the payout percentage of a particular game. Just type in the title and find its RTP in the description section.

Random Number Generator

Reputable and trustworthy online operators utilize random number generators. Such systems guarantee that the results of the game are random. When choosing an online operator with the latest random generator you can be sure that game results will be fair.

Online providers are checked by various gambling authorities and commissions on fairness and randomness, so when seeing an RNG certificate on a website, gamblers tend to trust the platform. This method never fails, so make sure to place those certificates in a prominent place.


Some online casinos are surprised to find out that sign up bonuses and latest launches are not enough to attract new customers. Search Engine optimization and content play an important part in promoting a gambling platform.

Start with the keywords. These are the words and phrases, which users type to find an online casino. There are multiple programs and tools that allow you to understand what words you need. When inserting them to the text it will be much easier for search engines to find your website and rank it higher in the search results.

Another important element is blogging. This will surely improve the site’s ranking in search engines because everyone loves fresh and useful content. Having a blog will also help with engaging the players and earning credibility. 

But make sure that the posts contain all the necessary keywords and are informative: write about industry news, latest launches, give gambling tips, and professional recommendations.

Audio and visual effects

The times, when simple games were enough, have long gone and modern casino players are looking for attractive interface and engaging plot. The most popular online casinos pay much attention to the audio and visual content of the platform by applying different themes (for example, popular places and cities, movies, superheroes, etc.), introducing the latest animation and sound effects.

The design of an online casino should be stylish and relevant, while the navigation – smooth and easy even for beginners. Never save money on hiring a top-notch designer and follow the latest market trends to have an attractive and interesting website that no one would want to leave. Make sure that it runs smoothly on multiple platforms and operating systems because more and more gamblers choose mobile online casinos over desktop ones.

Place your customers first

There may be tens or even hundreds of tools for attracting more customers to online casinos but only when following the five pillars of promotion and analyzing the market you will reach a broader audience.

No matter which of them you choose for the platform make sure to stay true to the players and do everything for their convenience and entertainment.


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