In your home, the living room is probably one of the rooms where you and your family spend most of your time. It tends to be where your comfiest sofas, your TV, and your central gathering area is. But when the whole family is in the living room, or when you have guests over, this central space can start to feel cramped. Here are four ways to instantly make your living room look bigger and more inviting.

Use light paint colours on the walls

Dark paint colours are trendy right now, and a well-placed dark accent well certainly creates a unique and memorable aesthetic. However, dark paint colours have a tendency to make spaces feel smaller, which makes them a poor choice for high-volume areas like the living room. Instead, opt for lighter paint colors, such as whites, greys, beiges, and even light pastels, to open up this central space and make it more inviting.

Use mirrors strategically

Another great tactic for making your living room look and feel better is using one to two large mirrors. Mirrors offer the optical illusion of making spaces appear bigger than they actually are, especially when they are large and placed horizontally in a highly-visible area. Consider using one or two mirrors to widen the appearance of your own living room. Just be sure not to exceed two mirrors, otherwise, your home may start to take on the vibe of a carnival fun house. Also, be careful with placement – make sure not to place the mirror somewhere where a TV or other distracting element will constantly be reflected in it.

Install motorized window covers

Windows naturally make rooms look bigger and more open, but this tends to only be the case when they are open and light is streaming in (or the sky is visible at night time). Natural light is the key here. To make your living room seem bigger, upgrade your window shades to motorized window covers which offer the benefit of being easy to open with just the touch of a button. The sleek look of motorized covers also creates a more contemporary, open design aesthetic, which helps to make rooms look bigger as well. Lastly, although you can easily purchase solid, opaque window covers, many specialists, such as Rescom Designs, also offer sheer options, which naturally allow in more light to open up your living room space.

Go minimalist

A final great tactic for maximizing the look of your living room, as well as the actual space within it is embracing minimalist style. Downsize and simplify your furniture choices – do you really need an L-shaped sectional and an arm chair? Take inspiration from the Swedish concept of “Hygge” and choose comfort and simplicity. Eliminate excess surfaces that tend to gather clutter and miscellaneous items. Use smart storage to keep the space as clean and open as possible. The result will be a calming and enjoyable living room that your family and friends can easily relax in, without worrying about being crowded.

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