What is the balance between career and childbirth? In the prime of one’s career, is taking care of a child a hindrance? Should childbirth be discussed before or after marriage? Find out answers to these and many more as Lerny Lomotey discusses “Career and childbirth” from the series “Poisoned Bait” on Dominion Television’s “Let’s Talk About It”, DStv 352 and GOtv 168.  

Last week on “Let’s Talk About It” after “Poisoned Bait” showed for 30 minutes, Lerny, the host had an interesting discussion with two guests, Timothy and Rhoda. Today, the 7th of August, 2021, Dominion Television will show Lerny discuss “career and childbirth” – an important issue in marriage – with two guests Alexandra Ayiribi-Acquah, an Actress and Dr. Justice Ampiah Kubi, a Pastor, tv host and counsellor.  

Nurturing children is a beautiful experience that allows a couple to watch a human grow, enjoy their idiosyncrasies and learn valuable information that can positively impact their lives. It is a time of bonding between the couple and their child. When a career stands in the way, however, there is bound to be some conflict. Can the couple handle this sensitive issue with the calmness and maturity required, or will it blow out of proportion? 

“Poisoned Bait” is a series with Ghanaian and Nigerian actors directed by ace Producer Leila Djansi. Its third episode is chock full of “career and marriage” elements from which the viewer could learn a lot. 

Join Lerny, Alex and Dr. Justice to discuss this far-reaching topic of “career and childbirth” tonight at 7:00 PM GMT.

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