Coronavirus is still out there and as a result, too many people are still locked up in their various homes. With several movie theatres closed, having access to streaming services in your home is very important right now.
HBO GO is the streaming service that comes along with your HBO cable or satellite subscription. It allows you to stream HBO online when you are not close to your television. HBO NOW is a stand-alone streaming platform that allows you to watch HBO online without needing a satellite or cable TV subscription.
How to watch HBO Go and HBO Now with your friends

  1. Get a free account on Scener’s site.
  2. Download and install the Scener Chrome extension.
  3. Tap the Scener logo.
  4. Tap the Scener menu on the top right corner of the display and choose HBO Settings.
  5. You will then be prompted if you have an HBO Go subscription (if you have a paid cable HBO subscription) or HBO Now (if you have a paid streaming HBO Now service). Choose the one you are registered for.
  6. Tap “Create Private Theater” in the extension, and choose HBO.
  7. Lastly, head to the HBO show or movie you wish to watch and send the added URL to your friends.

watch HBO Go with friends
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