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Want the best canopy for your vendor booth

You spend a lot on your vendor booth, from designing your banners, creating building materials to preparing the table.

But, have you ever wondered about investing in a good quality canopy tent?

Imagine you have a perfect vendor booth for outdoor shows, but your canopy tent can’t resist the extreme weather conditions. This can ruin your efforts, homemade creations, and thus minimize foot traffic!

A good vendor tent on the other side will not only protect you from harsh weather conditions, but also from bugs.  Further, it can enhance the booth display, décor, and signage, which in turn will throw a positive impact on your branding. The most important thing in this venture is to decide what you want and need from a canopy.

Consider these tips while choosing a good quality canopy tent:

Size Matters

Size is one of the important factors, as it depends on how much space you want for your vendor set-up. Outdoor shows have available spaces to set up a canopy ranging from 10′ × 10′ standard size to 20′ × 20′.

However, most vendors choose a standard-sized canopy as it is easy for them to set up and port without worrying that it is too big or too small. So keep an idea of the budget and model you want for your show to make an informed decision.

Slanted or Straight Leg Canopy?

It is advisable to go for the straight leg outdoor canopy, as it not only provides you more coverage overhead, but also are durable and look far more professional, unlike slanted leg models.

Hassle-free Setting

Look for a canopy for your vendor booth that you can easily put together on your own. Even if you have a helping hand, having one that is easy to set up is a win-win as well as it will be less time-consuming. While you will find various types of tents, a pop-up canopy is a lot quicker to set than those comes with bazillion poles and ropes.


A well designed outdoor canopy tent can weigh 37 lbs and more. Often people find difficulty while moving the canopy to vendor space either because of a poorly constructed bag or the fear of damage. So, make sure to check the durability and ensure you are buying a canopy from trustworthy sellers to avoid the fear of getting it damaged.


You can also consider a canopy that comes with a sidewall as it will safeguard you and your crafts from more of the elements. The sidewalls can be tricky to set up at first, but worth a piece once you do it in practice.

It can perform as a sunshade, or as a way to give you some privacy between you and your show neighbors. Of course, you can use other stuff for privacy concerns, like freestanding screens, but the good thing about canopy sidewalls is you can shield your crafts from unpleasant weather conditions.


Now that we’ve discussed all the essential things to look in your canopy before investing in, you can make an informed decision about what best suits your needs. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution; you can pick custom canopy solutions with promotional banners and printed flags to make it stand out from the crowd. So, what are you waiting for? Order your canopy today!

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