Well, you may know what to do and what to consider when you want to buy a new phone. It comes with just a few things like your favourite specs, your lifestyle and a whole lot of other things. But have you thought of what you shouldn’t do?
Life doesn’t end at the do’s. There are don’ts too.
That is why we have sampled these few things you don’t have to do/consider doing when buying a new phone.

Don’t do these when you’re buying a new phone

Maybe, you want a new phone and since it’s your money you’re using to buy it, I can’t really have a say. But with the little experience and research I have done, it is important to note that you shouldn’t do these 5 things when you want to buy a new phone:

1. Don’t let the adverts trick you

You see those sleek magazine ads, TV and online commercials? Don’t fall for them. They’ve been programmed in such a way that they’ll whet your appetite. Once again, please, don’t fall.

2. Don’t be deceived by the price

Cheap or expensive: which is better? You see, the fact that something costs more doesn’t mean it’s the best. What if you want to save more money? Is going for the cheaper option the “better option”? Neither is a great idea. Going for any without a better understanding of what you’re going in for will make you throw your money away.
In addition, the price has a lot to do with branding and exclusivity. So, more expensive definitely doesn’t mean better. The best way to go is just shopping based on your needs.

3. Brand loyalty? No!

We would all be able to list the most popular brands on the planet: Apple, Samsung, Huawei et cetera. Clearly, they all deliver incredible cell phones with the most recent innovation, however you shouldn’t stick to only one brand you adore. Keep a receptive outlook, and even consider lesser known brands which could agreeably shock you.

4. Don’t rule out previous models

The latest isn’t always the greatest. Doesn’t old wine taste better anymore? You can pay less and still get those premium features you want. Most of the time, an old flagship is better than a new mid-range phone. Thnak me later 😉

5. Don’t shop if you don’t know your priorities

Don’t follow the bandwagon. Make a decision on which phone to buy by juxtaposing it with your needs. You can buy the cheapest, the most expensive, the newest or the one from the TV commercial. But, only do it if it’s the one you need.
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