When we used to talk about Casinos, we often meant a place where we physically played gamble games.
In the last decade this concept has radically changed. The massive distribution of online casinos has made it necessary to find new ways to attract players, the methods now used to attract the users are various and super imaginative.
Although the genuine intentions to attract players, the methods used to create the “attractive factor” have had in the past a sort of boomerang effect, which means they turned against the manufacturers themselves.
One of the most used and effective methods to attract users is to offer a bonus. The bonus consists of giving a certain amount of money to the Players who decide to join the community. There are several kinds of bonuses and each one “hits” a different target of people. For example, the welcome bonus, which consists in giving money to new users or free online slots when joining.
Then we have the bonus on the deposit. This one consists in accrediting as much money as the user has paid, in order to double the value of the deposit. In a nutshell, there are several ways to “push” users and some issues linked to them.

Issues with wagering

Not all the people who join the community do it to have fun. Unfortunately, some of them are really obsessed with money and they just want to win, monetize and withdraw.
These kinds of people look for all the ways to obtain more money with the minimum outcome. It has happened that some of the people who joined Online Casinos used the bonuses to make some money. The methods were quite easy and basilar. When the new users received the bonus, they start playing a few games before asking for withdrawal and then collect the entire bonus.
This “bad practice”, has been thwarted as much as possible, then the need to find a radical solution pushed the developers to find an ultimate solution.
The rules on the wagering have been introduced with the purpose to counteract smart people. The most of Online Casinos have a specific section entirely dedicated to this bonus regulations


Ways to deal with problems related to wagering

Now, to withdraw the money from a fast payout online casino, users have to complete a certain number of real games.
Each one has different ways to deal with this problem. Some of them have decided to totally cut the problem off by not giving the users the possibility to cash-in the money in their accounts until the bonus gets totally converted into real money.
Other Casinos have different regulations and only after a certain number of games, whether the bonus has been turned into real money, giving the possibility to users to take the money off from the account.

How online casinos prevent it

The famous Admiral, for example, does not give the possibility to withdraw money at all, if the user has not deposited at least the minimum buy-in. 
21.co.UK has different police. Indeed, it gives the opportunity to withdraw money but setting a previous maximum amount.


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