1. Since I am not the only one asking this question. It is fair I publish this article because I don’t understand why Vokacom Softworks  is allowing this; 48hrs after launch of GhanaPostGPS.

Vokacom, a Ghanaian owned IT firm won the contract to provide a digital solution for Ghana’s digital addressing system across the country.
Vokacom’s flagship product AsaaseGPS is a digital addressing service that grids the entire country into five meter-square (5m2) of 16.1 billion squares and assigns a digital address to each square. Ghana Post partnered Vokacom to use this GPS solution to undertake the digital addressing project.
Although AsaaseGPS is a product of Vokacom Softworks, this same application was cloned and rename as GhanaPostGPS to serve this national project at the cost of $2.5 Million USD that most Ghanaians are not happy with. How much was invested into develop in AsaaseGPS for it to be sold to the Government at this sum?
Are we truly patriotic in this country?
That notwithstanding, after a successful launch of GhanaPostGPS as our Digital Address System, we still have AsaaseGPS active on Google Play store and App Store competing with GhanaPostGPS for downloads.
Raising unnecessary questions like which of the two apps one should download, whether is from another company and others.
Those in charge of this project should kindly do the right thing by properly educating the public and if it is possible AsaaseGPS should be removed temporally till Ghanaians have fully adapted to GhanaPostGPS.
As to whether GhanaPostGPS can serve its objective … that is for another post.

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