Vodafone Ghana in the last month of 2018 won the licence to operate 4G network in the country. Initially, Vodafone said it was going to start to deploy the network in April this year, but it seems Christmas is coming early for the company’s customers. Vodafone Ghana just announced that it will start the deployment of the 4G network service from Tuesday, March 19, 2019.
This initial deployment is happening in major cities in the country. The current active Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, revealed this.
She stated that the technical team of the company has been able to fast track the process for an early rollout of the 4G service instead of the previously scheduled date, which was sometime later in the year.

Vodafone Ghana CEO’s statement

The CEO also disclosed the Vodafone Ghana has more than 200 sites, where customers can access the 4G service. And these sites are all spread across the country. Cuba continued that Vodafone bringing out the 4G service is a part of the company’s campaign to provide better internet services for its customers in Ghana.
Prior to the acquisition of the 4G network, we indicated to you that customers will be able to get the service by the second quarter of the year. I’m happy to announce that there has been a massive support from the technical team and all members at Vodafone hence we will launch commercial operations of the 4G services next week 19th of March this year 2019. This will mean an improved network quality for customers and all our services,” the CEO said.
Vodafone Ghana got the 4G licence from the National Communications Authority (NCA), at the end of 2018. The NCA gave the telecom company one slot of the 2x5MHz frequency spectrum in the 800MHz band for mobile services.
Vodafone wasn’t the only company to bid for the 4G licence from the National Communications Authority. Quantum Oil was the other company to bid for the spectrum. The 4G licence went to Vodafone at the cost of $30 million, following a successful negotiation with the NCA. MTN Ghana previously purchased their 4G licence for about $68 million.
Vodafone is now the second telecom operator in Ghana to run the 4G network, after MTN Ghana.

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