Vodafone Ghana to start deploying 4G LTE services from April

Vodafone Ghana is going to start deploying its 4G LTE services from April this year....to boost the connection speed for their customers...
Vodafone Ghana 4G LTE

Vodafone Ghana recently won a bid to receive 4G licence from the NCA at a cost of US$30 million. After the successful negotiation with the National Communications Authority, Vodafone Ghana says they are going to start deploying the 4G LTE services to boost connection speed for their customers in the second quarter of this year, i.e., starting from April.

Ebenezer Amankwah is the Corporate Relations Manager of Vodafone Ghana. Amankwah said the company was forward to a complete rollout by the second quarter of 2019.

“We are looking at full deployment by the second quarter of this year which is then the beginning of April 2019,” Ebenezer Amankwah emphasised.

The Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana is Yolanda Cuba. Miss Cuba says Vodafone is happy to they’re now going to deploy 4G services.
“We are excited that after three years of persistent constructive engagement with the regulator and policymakers, we now have the opportunity to operate an LTE 4G licence in Ghana.”

Cuba continued, “We are happy that our customers will finally experience faster data speed. Vodafone is committed to continuously work with the regulator to promote digital inclusion in the country, for which the 4G spectrum will play a critical role.”

Cuba also believes this move “will also enable Vodafone to work with government on its agenda of digitising Ghana’s economy.”

Vodafone Ghana paid an amount of USD 30 million to obtain the 4G licence from the NCA. Now Vodafone expects to spend an estimated amount of about USD 90 million to completely roll out the 4G service for its customers. So in all, it looks like Vodafone is going to spend about USD 120 million on the 4G infrastructure. This may increase their service cost. It may also not.

April is at the corner, Vodafone users!

Vodafone Ghana trusts that the access to 4G LTE service will influence the enhancement of the customer experience in the country’s digital development. Currently, the telecom company is going to begin a technical process few weeks from now. They are doing to this to put up the needed infrastructure so they can provide the 4G service to their customers.

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