Vodafone Smart Surf is a Wi-fi Router service by Vodafone Ghana. The router comes at a time when there is good demand for a device, which can service a larger number of devices than an ordinary MiFi would.

Vodafone Smart Surf
Vodafone Smart Surf Router

Smart Surf router by Vodafone Ghana has been viewed in recent times as a leading competitor in the area of wireless broadband connections, coming right behind MTN Ghana’s Turbonet.  Launched on 19th August 2021, the Smart Surf was introduced to meet the increased demand for such devices and the need for many to work remotely since COVID-19 still poses a health threat.

Even though many have mentioned that it comes at the right time, there are still some features of the new Vodafone service that leaves many wondering: did it come at the right time? Is it a product rushed to offset the excess demand of MTN’s Turbonet?

Features of the service

Being a device from Vodafone Ghana, one of the important features is that it provides High-speed 4G internet service. The rest of the features are as follows:

  1. Plug-and-Play: This device cannot function without electricity. It seems like a downside to most routers.
  2. The wireless broadband router comes with a high-powered internal antenna to give you a super-fast browsing experience.
  3. Connects up to 32 devices: Everyone can do everything at the same time.


Size: 150 mm x 150 mm x 56 mm

Data Speed: Download up to 100 Mbps, Upload up to 50 Mbps

Ports: 1 LAN port (RJ45), 1 USB port

Display: Led indicators.

Wi-Fi Speed: Up to 300Mbps.

LED Indication: WiFi / Power / Transmit Status across.

Wi-Fi : 802.11b/g

Simultaneous Connections: Up to 32 devices

Cost of the Smart Surf Data Bundles

The cost of the Vodafone Smart Surf is moderately cheaper, with the prices of the bundles set as low as GHS 20 for 5Gb data.

Data Bundle (Gb) Price (GHS) Validity Period
5 20 30 days
10 40 30 days
25 90 30 days
50 140 30 days
100 200 30 days
17 95 Non-expiry
33 145 Non-expiry
66 210 Non-expiry


Availability and price of Vodafone Smart Surf

Visit https://myvodafone.vodafone.com.gh/smart-surf/ to check its availability in your area first before proceeding to place an order at any Vodafone shop.

For GHS 399 only, anyone can own a Vodafone Smart Surf and enjoy free extra 5 Gb data on their first top-up.

Cons of the Vodafone Smart Surf Device

  1. Limited availability: It does not exist in all areas of the country with a Vodafone internet connection. Before purchase, the customer must first be living in Accra, Tema and Takoradi.
  2. Plug-and-Play: Like most wireless routers, without electricity, the Smart Surf device will not work. However, there are ways to get around this flaw.

Leader of Wireless Broadband Router in Ghana or not?

Having seen all the various parts of the product, we cannot emphatically state that Vodafone is a “leader of the service” since it falls short in some areas. However, we cannot also call it a follower as it does have several qualities that make it stand tall amongst its peers.

It comes at a competitive price with Vodafone’s fast-speed internet connectivity powering it. The price is considerably lower than MTN’s Turbonet.

For Vodafone, this is a timely intervention in a time that requires many to remain connected to the internet for school, work, business, and many others. To determine a viable leader in the space of internet connectivity and data service solutions, a leader especially in the wireless broadband service is a little far from determined.


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