Vodafone customers nationwide should be on the lookout for a much faster internet service to their homes and workplaces. Telecommunication giant, Vodafone has begun rolling out a new fibre infrastructure to aid shoot up the speed of their internet service.
This is in line with the company’s long-term effort to replace its copper installations with fibre cables. Eventually, they will migrate from the mixed-use of both copper installations and fibre cables in the past, thus, putting in place super-fast Fibre internet and getting rid of the copper installations nationwide.
Vodafone’s extensive investment in fibre infrastructure rollout is expected to add additional value to customers’ browsing experience. It will ensure an ultra-high-speed ‘Fibre-to-Home’ (FTTH) seamless connectivity to your homes and workplaces.
Speaking at the launch of the Fibre Infrastructure rollout campaign, the CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai, reemphasised their commitment to delivering the best broadband services via this fibre infrastructure. She also reiterated the importance of this investment in fibre infrastructure.
Vodafone new fibre infrastructure
“Fibre speeds are ten times better than what you get on copper, so the transformation is significant because, at the moment, people don’t afford to have slow internet. This is why reliable service and faster speed is basic, and that is why we are embarking on this campaign for our customers,” She said.
Plans are currently underway to upgrade customers within Accra onto this FTTH service from Vodafone for free. Subsequently, customers from other regions will be upgraded onto the service.
It is an exciting development for all Vodafone customers. However, as the upgrading process has just begun in Greater Accra, Vodafone should endeavour to hasten the process to enable other regions to enjoy this service too. Nevertheless, it is still being rolled out, so be on the lookout for it in your region soon.
Written by iChris.
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