Vodafone introduces Kasatenten: Talk free after the 1st minute

Vodafone introduces Kasatenten

There is great news for Vodafone customers who wish to enjoy free calls without having to spend a lot on airtime. This new package on Vodafone allows you to talk longer for free, whether it’s a Vodafone to Vodafone call (on-net) or a call to other networks (off-net).
Kasatenten is a new call package that allows you to talk to all your friends, on all networks, at all times of the day or night for free. All you have to do is pay for is the first minute, and the rest of the call is free.
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However, because I want you to know more about the package, so you get to enjoy it better, here are a few more details you need to know about it.

All you need to know about Vodafone’s KasaTenten

The first minute of each call after subscribing to Vodafone’s Kasatenten is 30 pesewas (GHC 0.30Gp), after which you enjoy the rest of the call for free.
Vodafone introduces Kasatenten
Also, though Vodafone’s Kasatenten allows you to talk to all networks for free, there is a time limit for the call. On-net call (calls to Vodafone numbers) will last for 60 minutes, while off-net call (calls to other networks) will last for only five minutes.
The flaws of the package, however, is the fact that Vodafone’s Kasatenten stops you from enjoying any other Vodafone bundle.
Vodafone introduces Kasatenten


How to subscribe to Vodafone’s Kasatenten

Subscribing to Vodafone’s Kasatenten is simple — dial *135# and follow the prompts to subscribe. You can also subscribe by calling 135.
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Vodafone’s Kasatenten call package is not the first of its kind in Ghana; it is a replica of MTN Ghana’s Nkomode.
This is an excellent package by all standards, considering the high cost of making calls in the country. I only hope that Vodafone will consider extending the 5 minutes for calls to other networks so that its users can enjoy the service better.
Written by: iChris
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