Vodafone Ghana launches 31 Days of Christmas promo for its subscribers

As we are about to enter the Christmas holidays, a lot of companies are gearing up to give back to their customers. Well, Vodafone Ghana says it is not going to wait up until the actual Christmas week before it gives back to its subscribers.

The telecom company has just launched a promo called “31 Days of Christmas”. This promo seeks to reward Vodafone customers in Ghana all throughout the month of December.

Vodafone Ghana is using its social media pages for this promo. It will put a series of tests on there and those that are quick to do what the task is about are given rewards. For example, one of the tasks was to upload a video of the best masquerade procession in Ghana.

In another task, the telco upload a video containing fast-moving Adinkra symbols and asked its customers to screenshot a specific one.

The rewards from the 31 Days of Christmas promo include cash, mobile phones, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, and even live goats.

So go on, visit Vodafone Ghana’s social media pages and wait for the next task.

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