The CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai, has called for a centralised system for proper ID verification in the country. She is saying this in relation to the mass re-registration of SIM cards next year.
She said for the SIM re-registration to work as expected, i.e., to weed out bad SIM registration, there should be a proper way individuals can be verified in Ghana. The re-registration of SIM cards in Ghana is scheduled to start from January to June next year.
The aim is to prevent the situation where fraudsters register multiple SIM cards and use them for illegal activities including SIMBox fraud, mobile money fraud, etc. There have been SIM registration exercises in the past but it seems they all weren’t able to solve the problem. Why? There isn’t any proper national database to verify people.
Since there is no proper verification system, SIM card vendors usually register multiple SIMs in the names of people who cannot be properly identified. They then sell these SIM cards to people want to buy them usually for bad purposes.
In short, instead of the government forcing telecoms to re-register their subscribers, there should be a strong database from which everyone can be verified.

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