In an era where good content rules the internet, the video appears to be the king of them all. With the highest share of internet traffic globally, videos are a new way ahead for content.
Recent studies suggest the same:

  • It shows that 55% of internet users in the world watch online videos daily, and 75% of them watch weekly.
  • 2020 is projected as the year when videos would hit 80% of total internet traffic, rising from 75% in 2017, according to cisco.
  • YouTube has the second-highest traffic after Google.

All these suggest that it is high time content creators focus on video making. At the same time, video editing is as much an essential process as video making since it helps make the video presentable. Read on to understand all about video making and video editing.

Video Making

It is essential to keep the following in mind while using apps like video maker free online.

What is Proper Lighting?

Lighting creates a significant impact on the quality of a video, so it is vital to make it a priority while filming. Proper lighting will make a video look professional.
Remember that the sun is the best source of light for videos. The lighting of certain times of the day like one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset offers excellent quality light.
Make sure you utilize these windows accurately to shoot and make content using video maker free online.

How to choose the best background?

The background has a significant influence on a video than one might think. Hence keep a consistent and professional experience while making content using video maker free online.

  • You may choose real backgrounds like your room, your office, or the outdoors. Please make sure they are clean and that they align with your narrative.
  • You may also create an artificial background such as curtains or screens. These bring the right consistency to your videos.

Why use fragments of videos?

Filming small fragments of video clips helps you achieve many things:

  • Firstly, it lets you focus on one thing at a time. This also helps the subjects to concentrate better
  • Besides, you also have a better chance to retake a shot if you dislike it, without ruining a long shot
  • Small parts are more comfortable to capture and create using apps like video maker free online
  • Smaller fragments of videos also make the video editing process more convenient.

What is the importance of Good Composition?

Videos can look excellent if the right composition techniques are employed. For instance;

  • You may use the rule of thirds and place important subjects along the 3*3 grid intersections of the screen
  • It is better not to leave a lot of free space in the frame as it looks unattractive
  • Make sure you maintain the proper alignment of the structure. Use video maker free online for the best results.

Is it essential to have a clear plan?

Before making a video, you need to have a clear picture of what you intend to convey. This helps to improve the clarity of your message. It helps if you can:

  • Write down precisely what you want to communicate. This could be sales, promotion, philosophy, teachings or anything you wish to express through your video
  • Have a script for the video. You may write down the sequence of events you want to include in the video.

What is the importance of the audience?

This will help you create a video that the specific group will find relatable.

  • For instance, if you create a video for youngsters, you can mention a lot of standard terms that the older generations may not understand.
  • This way, you may connect with the intended audience group at a deeper level instead of making a generalized video for all age groups and creating a lesser impact.

Importance of honest presentation

Trust is of paramount importance in content. People trust their friends and family more than any advertisement. Hence, it is all about gaining the trust of your audience if you are to gain prominence in your domain.

  • The best way to do this is to provide honest opinions. This will build a relationship with your viewers that can grow over time.

What is Video Editing Process?

Once the video is created, it is equally important to piece it together in a meaningful way. This is possible only through video editing with software like InVideo, which is similarly essential as video making. Read on to find out more:

How to capture sound efficiently?

For the best outcome, it is advisable not to use the primary camera as your audio source.

  • You may use a separate mic or a plug-in mic with your camera to ensure better clarity of the audio
  • Ensure that you sync your video and audio. You may also achieve this with the help of editing software.
  • Make sure you remove the long pauses in dialogues as well as the “hmmm”. These do not make a suitable remark on the viewer.

Editing to narrate a story

One of the critical goals of video editing is to convey a message through the story of your video. For this, you must use creativity and make the story of your video interesting. Applications like InVideo’s video maker free online help achieve the same.

  • Remove the useless content and correct the order of clips
  • Make the sequence aesthetically appealing and employ compelling emotions
  • Instead of using many dramatic effects, use technical understanding to communicate the story as clearly as possible
  • Even if you are working on a script, make sure you create changes to suit the flow of the story. This includes the use of transitions, effects or other video editing elements.


Thumbnail is what the audience gets to see before the video. Hence, it is essential to make it as enjoyable as possible.
Videos are becoming the central pillar of online pillar according to the latest trends. So it is essential to know about the basics of video making and editing to produce relevant content.

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