Since the coronavirus outbreak has made it scary to leave the house, several workers have been stuck at home, but fortunately for us, video conferencing applications have been convenient for communication with friends and colleagues, especially the popular Zoom. However, despite its merited popularity, Zoom is battling several security issues that users have to beware of. Thus we all need to consider alternatives:
1. Skype Meet Now: For years now, Skype has been making our lives easier. To make things even more seamless, the brand recently launched its Meet Now feature that aids video conferencing. The maximum number of participants varies as it depends on your platform and device. Skype Meets Now allows users to create free video meetings without needing to register for the service. Although, when you register, you instantly have access to several other exclusive features.
2. CISCO Webex: According to IT News Africa, Webex has been around for a while, and it is undoubtedly one of the best video conferencing platforms around. Acquired by CISCO 13 years ago, the application has expanded its features amid the lockdown, and its freemium version supports 100 participants plus more call-in abilities.
3. Google Meet: Previously referred to as Google Hangouts Meet and formerly available to only educators, Google recently announced that it is set to make Meet available to all Gmail users this month. Even if it might take a while for the service to be enabled in our accounts, as soon as it gets there, we will be able to video chat with work colleagues, friends, and our loved ones. To use, simply head to “Join or start a meeting,” name the meeting, and then send out your invites.

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4. Starleaf: This is a video conferencing platform for bigger companies. During the pandemic, Starleaf is providing its basic video and messaging product at no extra cost for whoever is trying to keep in touch. Twenty participants and a 46-minute time limit are guaranteed for every meeting.
5. Whereby: This platform gives users a meeting room with about 4 participants. Every room will have its personal URL that users will select. It also comes with a chat function that allows you to share a screen, mute, or remove users. It comes with emoji support as well.
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