Verizon is building a game streaming service for Android devices

Verizon is building a game streaming service for Android devices... It will be available on Google Play Store by the end of January.
(CREDITS: The Verge)

Verizon is the newest tech company to join in the game streaming trend. According to a report from The Verge, Verizon is currently testing an upcoming game streaming service for Android devices. Verizon is silently testing the service with selected Nvidia Shield set-top box users. If this service catches on, their ratings would surely jump up a bit in the eyes of gamers.

From The Verge’s report, Verizon is trying this cloud-based game service by giving the participants items to test it. Verizon is giving Nvidia Shield, an Xbox One controllers and login credentials to get access to over 130 games.  The game titles are already on the Verizon Gaming app which is installed on the Shields.

This gaming service is targeting Android devices but not yet ready. They will soon be available on Google Play Store for Android users, probably by the end of this month.

With the telecom company bringing out this Verizon Gaming service, the company is joining ranks with other tech companies already in the gaming business. Tech giants Verizon is meeting in this arena include Nvidia, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and recently joined Amazon.

What kind of games are we looking at?

Presently, it is not clear what kind of game collection the company will offer, given their silent trials. But there are screenshots of the service showing PS4 exclusives like God of War, plus some unreleased titles. It could be that those poster are just placeholders for now.

It seems that the company is still working on the basics of the service to get it right. Therefore, it may take a while before we can get to know the sort of gaming libraries available on the service.

The idea of this Verizon Gaming initiative is to be able to play top ranking console and desktop games on your mobile phone while you are outdoors. Certainly, this will be an exciting service unlike the other aforementioned companies.

Remember, by the end of January, Verizon Gaming app will be ready for Android devices.


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