What is the Value of PMP Certification

Firstly, PMP exam is an official, formal and global exam.
Secondly, many famous enterprises have regarded PMP certification as one of the important qualifications that project managers should be equipped with.
Thirdly, PMP certification is recognized globally, representing the talents of the project management industry.
Fourthly, if you are a manager, PMP can get you quicker promoted and expand the channel of promotion. If you are not one member of the management, you can also use it to get a good start and prove your abilities.
Every company hopes their employees can be excellent. Therefore, they welcome certification holders. However, a number of certifications do not entail proficiency in a certain industry. Efforts are the basis to reach proficiency while PMP is just a stepping stone.

The Main Content of PMP Test Questions:

PMP certification training courses are centered on PMBOK, covering five major process groups and ten key knowledge fields including Initial, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing groups.
Ten key knowledge domains include Scope Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Cost Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, Stakeholders Management. This is the main content of the fifth version material. In the sixth, Agile Management is added. You can find PMP certification course online by joining in SPOTO training courses.
The core value of PMP certification exam not only lies in improving the project management ability of project managers but assisting individuals to finish project production by applying professional knowledge during the whole five processes. Through the control over time, cost, risk, communication, HR, quality and project experience and so on, managers can make sure that the execution and closing of a project are successful.
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