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Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting yet intimidating project. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on renovations without noticing your depleted bank account. A remodeling project can include a simple coat of paint or a complete redesign of your kitchen. It is important to plan out your project and pick a budget before getting started. There are several digital tools available to help you plan out renovations before hiring contractors and spending unnecessary money.

Virtual room designers use special software to measure your kitchen without any physical tools. The software is available through several different applications and programs and can be installed on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It allows you to digitally add countertops, appliances, and furniture in your kitchen.

This software makes it easier to visualize several different designs and color palettes before making a final decision. Here’s a few reasons why using a virtual room designer is a necessity while planning your kitchen renovations.

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You Can Find the Right Design

Virtual room designers are a necessity for those who have little experience with interior design. You might find a design or color palette that you adore but that particular look may not work well inside your kitchen. Perhaps your kitchen is too small for darker colors or more your kitchen has too much square footage for your preferred natural stone countertop.

These applications allow you to take your favorite designs and “feature” them inside your kitchen. You’ll be able to instantly see what designs work best without consulting a contractor or designer. You can literally see millions of colors and designs in your home before even hiring a professional. Carpet or hardwood floors? It’s not a problem, try both! Virtual room designers allow you to see a preview before saying yes.

Save Time

Remodeling your kitchen can take a long time, depending on how much you are renovating. Projects that replace cabinets and appliances can take weeks depending on the contractor and their schedule. That’s a lot of takeaway meals and bowls of cereal.

Using a virtual room designer can help save time during the remodeling process. Most contractors use similar tools during the project. When you have your dream kitchen already visualized and ready to share, contractors will not guess what is needed for the project. You are helping to shave time off of the overall renovations. There will also be clear expectations between you and your selected contractors.

Youve Got Wiggle Room

Did you decide you aren’t a fan of the dark green paint? It’s not the end of the world! When you use a virtual room designer, you’ve got more room to second guess yourself during the planning process. Not everyone has that certain design intuition and it’s okay to look for help.

The application goes beyond just color palettes and designs. You can use the virtual room designers to measure for new dining room furniture or appliances. You won’t have to worry about measuring a refrigerator or oven in the store before making a purchase. These digital tools make it easier for your remodeling projects. You can also move furniture to different areas of the kitchen to better decide where it should be placed.

Everyone Can Have Access to an Interior Designer

Maybe you couldn’t afford an interior designer. Or maybe you prefer to complete the project yourself. Regardless of your decision, virtual room designers, as seen here, give do-it-yourself enthusiasts the ability to remodel their kitchen with access to the latest designs and examples online.

Virtual room designers are still a great tool for those who did hire interior designers. It’s a simple way to share ideas with your designer without constant meetings and visits to your home. You’ll also save money on your bill from contractors or designers because they will not be traveling to your home to work.

Save Money

This is probably the most important reason to use virtual room designers. You will save money over the life of the kitchen remodeling project. Imagine choosing the wrong color of paint and having to start from scratch, all while paying professionals at a higher rate. Using a digital tool like a virtual room designer will help cut down on unnecessary spending.

Professionals can also use these tools to simplify the project. Instead of spending time inside your home, they can work from their offices. Images of the project can be shared between both parties without inconveniencing others. By trimming down on these unnecessary costs, you can use more money within your budget for big ticket items like natural stone countertops or new appliances.

Many of these virtual room designers are either free or comes at a low cost. If you hire an interior designer, most offer access to their own program at a price that’s included in your final bill.


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