Useful ways to keep your lips moisturized daily

keep your lips moisturized

A moisturized lips will give you a gorgeous smile and improve your physical appearance. It makes you more confident in your daily activities as well. Your lips need that attention because they do not have oil glands like the rest of your skin. See Useful ways to keep your lips moisturized daily:
1. Drink enough water: The lower the water, the lower your saliva production, and this can make your lips really dry. Tea can work too, just make sure it has no caffeine.
2. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub: Never peel or bite off the dry skin on your lips. Instead, use a simple, at-home lip scrub. Just mix brown sugar and coconut oil, and massage it gently to get rid of the dead skin.
3. Do not lick your lips: Lip licking is rampant these days. However, saliva is actually home to several enzymes that should only aid the digestion of food. It actually irritates your delicate lip skin when you keep licking.
4. Stay away from lip balms that come with menthol or cinnamon: Lip balm on your lips is not a bad idea, but most of them contain colors, dyes, and waxes that can result in irritation and allergies.
5. Sleep with a humidifier: It adds moisture to the air and helps your skin remain supple through the cold, dry winter months.



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