It is important to use a VPN in Ghana if you want to be able to access certain websites and services hosted outside the country. Even with that, assuming you are on a workplace network which has specific sites blacklisted to encourage productivity, it is essential to use a VPN if you want to circumnavigate the restrictions to access a blacklisted website.
This article would give you reasons why you need to use VPN in Ghana. Maybe you never considered the benefits, but after this, you may see the light and reason to purchase some VPN protection.

What is VPN about?

A VPN (virtual private network), is a technology that is used for improving online security and privacy. What a VPN does is to scramble (encrypt) the data transferred between your computer and the VPN server; to prevent anyone else from reading it.

Why you need to use VPN in Ghana

It encrypts your data.

The most vital benefit you get from using a VPN service is data encryption. As noted previously, the VPN scrambles (encrypt) the data transferred between your computer and the VPN server. That means your online activity is hidden from your Internet service provider (ISP).
Although the service protects your personal information, it does not provide you with total anonymity; as your VPN provider can view your Internet activity.
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An additional benefit is that, because your data has been encrypted, a VPN will prevent you from falling victim to Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks. In these types of attacks, internet villains attempt to intercept your data en route. An experience that is common with people who use public Wi-Fi hotspots.
VPNs are so necessary because even when you connect to a malicious hotspot or the information gets intercepted by a packet sniffer; your data remains safe as the information is encrypted via VPN.
Remember earlier, when you read that your internet activity is untraceable by your ISP? Yes! That is because your IP address is hidden, and that leads us to our next point.


VPNs hide your location.

One primary reason to use a VPN in Ghana is that it masks your exact location. The VPN server acts as a proxy (middleman, or intermediary) between the Internet and your computer. This arrangement ensures that your IP address remains hidden from the Internet.
Now, here’s why this benefits you when you use a VPN in Ghana.  Have you ever had that experience when you tried to view some video content on YouTube or Twitter, only to receive an error message that the video is unavailable in your location? It’s a bummer, right?
Another one of such instances is when you try to access a site like the main version of BusinessInsider, only to be redirected to the Pulse Ghana variant. What happens is that although you’re in Ghana, you’re able to access such sites because the websites log the IP address of your VPN server.

Something about VPN servers

Although VPNs protect your personal information — making it difficult for online villains to target you with their attacks, it is a partial solution in some instances. For example, some websites use other methods such as browser fingerprinting and zombie cookies — among others, to track and identify visitors.
These can be countered with anti-tracking tools, script blockers, advanced cookie managers, and other browser-based add-ons.
VPNs are only known to present one problem; a slightly slower Internet connection. This is because of two things:

  • The extra processing power needed to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • The routing of data through a third-party server.

Depending on data limits and session times, VPN costs can range from free to about $10 or more, per month.
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