Use this extension to display hidden search results on Google

Use this extension called Google Unlocked to display hidden search results on Google

Sometimes when you search for something on Google and you go to the bottom of the page, you’d see a notice there telling you the number of links that have been removed from the results. Fortunately, there is an extension for browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) that can display these hidden search results on Google.

These removed links are usually as a result of their contents violating copyright claims. Requests get sent to Google from copyright holders so Google would have to hide those links from public view. According to TorrentFreak, till date, the links copyright holders have requested Google to take down are over four billion.

As I said earlier, when Google removes links from its results page, it notifies users that searched for those words that some of the links have been retracted. Along with the notification of the removed links, Google gives users the links to the removal requests on LumenDatabase. But thanks to Google Unlocked, a Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser extension, you can view all such results without hassle.

Google Search DMCA

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Display hidden Google search results with Google Unlocked

Google Unlocked is an open-source extension for Chrome, Opera, and now Firefox. Its basic aim is to show search results hidden by the search engine and display their links attached to them. The extension is open-source and it is available on GitHub.

Google Unlocked’s description on GitHub explains what the extension does exactly. The description reads, “The extension scans hidden search results that were censored by Google due to complaints. The tool scans those complaints and extracts the links, returning them back to the search results, all in a matter of seconds.”

The extension was developed by ibit. The developer said the extension works by searching for the word “complaint” in the LumenDatabase. It then brings up the URLs linked to those searches. Google Unlocked then inserts those links into the search results using “a simple XMLHttpRequest”.

But, there’s a catch!

The Google Unlocked extension is really cool, especially for searching links removed based on invalid DMCA requests, it has one major problem, at least a problem for copyrighted contents. The extension displays legitimate DMCA notices as well, thus, displaying infringing content. That’s quite a problem for creators, but it’s pretty clear that’s the aim of the extension.

Google Unlocked’s character of being unable to differentiate between infringing and non-infringing content is an issue that cannot be solved. This is because of the complex nature of the situation. For copyrighted content and their owners, this is a headache. But for content pirates, this is really an antidote to DMCA notices.

As an open source piece of software, the developer is inviting other developers to come on board. He is calling developers to come to contribute to the extension and suggest new ways to improve it.

The developer of the Google Unlocked said he put the extension on the open source platform so other developers can help make it better.
I put the source on Github and I hope to get more programmers to do pull requests to keep the extension up to date, since I know a lot of geeks will love this extension.”

Using this extension, you should have in mind that there is a huge possibility that you are infringing on copyright laws. But if you could help make it better, why not go on GitHub for the source codes?

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