You can now use Microsoft’s Edge browser on your MacBook

Microsoft Edge browser on Mac machines

Microsoft has now made public the preview version of its Edge browser for Mac machines. The fast Chromium-based browser is available for download at the moment.

Microsoft announced last year that it would make major changes to its Edge web browser. Those changes included using the open source Chromium engine to rebuild the Edge browser. This is the same engine its competitor, Google Chrome, is using.

The company also announced that the new Edge browser would be able to run on MacBooks and Mac desktops.

Right now, the first version of the newly built Edge browser for MacOS is available for download and usage. You can get it from the Microsoft Edge Insider website now.

It is totally safe to try it out. The only thing, which isn’t really a problem, is the current version is an early version of the web browser that is being used for testing. With that, there may be a couple of bugs and unfinished features, so expect them.

To get the more stable version, you’d have to wait for a while — until the final version is done.

Some features coming on the Chromium-based Edge browser on Mac includes:

  • Internet Explorer mode: An integration of the old Microsoft browser into the new one via a tab.
  • Improved privacy tools
  • Collections feature: Designed to help users “collect, organize, share and export content” from the internet.

Edge is originally a Windows 10 browser but this isn’t the first time a Microsoft browser is finding its way on a Mac machine. Some 16 years ago, Internet Explorer was running on MacOS. That’s when Microsoft ceased the updates.


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