Use HUCA app to know if the car you’re buying has been used before

huca used car app

An observation from the Lockvin Limited suggests that out of every 10 cars being sold in Ghana, 7 of them have been used and involved in an accident. The founder of Lockvin, Kofi Agyapong, and his company have thus developed an app called the HUCA app to help you know if the car you want to get has been used by someone already.

Kofi Agyapong revealed that Ghanaians for so many years have been buying used vehicles without actually knowing it. So HUCA from Lockvin is here to help you know the actual condition of the cars before they were imported.

HUCA (Home Used Cars App)

HUCA has the ability to assess the conditions of both [used] cars and motorcycles. The app collects data about the car. The information includes mileage and odometer status, flood damage, mechanical damages, structural defects, fire, and burns.

HUCA also collects data like events surrounding the car, which include accident, reported stolen vehicles, etc. And if the said car was involved in any of these events, the app will bring it up.

Lockvin is able to do this (with HUCA) through the partnership with about 30 government, private and regulatory institutions. This partnership gives Lockvin access to over 5 million records on vehicles.

You enter the VIN or CHASIS of the vehicle and HUCA app will bring the info on the car. The info is usually summarised for quick read and easy understanding.

Lockvin’s founder, Mr Agyapong remarked, “If a vehicle [has been in an] accident, HUCA presents to the user 10 images of the accident, damage type, odometer reading and status, auction history, condition of the vehicle, safety recall information and many more.

Luckily, the company has bundled all that into a mobile app for us. You can get the app in both Android and iOS versions. Also, you can access the web version of the app via


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