Facebook’s Zoom rival is here, and it is known as Messenger Rooms, a video calling platform that lets you chat with about fifty people simultaneously. Fortunately, an individual doesn’t have to be a Facebook user to join the video call. Let’s help you with how to go about it.
How To Use Facebook Messenger Rooms?
Because Messenger Rooms just started getting popular all across the globe, you will notice a prompt telling you to try them out when you launch your updated Messenger application. If you don’t see anything, just go to “People” on your Facebook Messenger app and click “Create a Room.”
When you sign up, Facebook will give you the option to create an open link that anyone, including non-Facebook users, can access. However, if you only want to restrict participation to Facebook users, you can choose “Only people on Facebook” from the “Who can join” option.
Immediately you choose your audience permissions, click “Share Link” and send the created link to other participants through email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, or any of your preferred platforms. When the room is live, anyone with the link will be able to view your name and profile picture, alongside confirmation that you are in the room. Those you are not friends with on Facebook might be included, and it depends on who you have shared the link with.

use Facebook Messenger Rooms
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Once your participants are in the room, click on the ‘people’ icon on your display to access the call setting. Right there, you can decide to lock the room to block further entrance from participants.

  • You can add more participants by choosing “Share Link” from this menu.
  • To remove individual users, click “Remove” close to their names.
  • Click “End Room” to remove every participant simultaneously and deactivate the call video call link.

To use effects, filters, or virtual backgrounds, click the window where you see yourself, and lots of options will be visible way down on your screen.
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