US government to help develop Ghana’s IT & security capacities

The government of the United States through its Embassy in Ghana has promised to help Ghana to develop its IT capacities as well as its security strengths.

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie S. Sullivan made this known as the Embassy in Ghana has been observing the Apollo 11. This event commemorates 50 years after the US’ spaceflight put the first man on the moon.

This year’s memorial is focused on helping Ghana to up its technological capacities as a country and also develop its national security. The US will also help the country towards its “Ghana Beyond Aid” agenda.

“When we talk about assisting Ghana in her journey to self-reliance, we do not focus on the difficulties, but we imagine the possibilities,” Stephanie Sullivan, Ambassador to Ghana said.

She continued, “The US enthusiastically supports Ghana’s promotion of STEM education.”

With the recent victory for the country where 9 Ghanaian high girls beat about 24 others in a robotics competition in the US, the US government says it will commit more support to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in Ghana.

Ambrose Dery remarked that he’s proud of the great heights being achieved in the field of engineering by some Ghanaians.  He also promised that gradually Ghanaian engineers would be up to par with their American counterparts.

Sir Ambrose Dery is the Interior Minister for Ghana. He said, “We have a Ghanaians engineer, Dr Ashitey Trebi Olenu who established the Ghana Robotics Foundation Association and also led a team in designing spacecraft at NASA’s Jet Proportion laboratory.”

Minister Ambrose Derry was of great optimism that there is a time “coming when we [Ghanaians] will not only have a Ghanaian designing or programming spacecraft but also a Ghanaians who will go up in space and land on the moon.”


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