Unusual apps that actually exist

Unusual Apps

Smartphones have opened up doors for endless possibilities in the realm of app innovation and development. It’s safe to say that we rely on our trusty applications daily, from calendars and planners; budgeting and spending tracking; recording menstruation cycles and even meditation; to booking trips; paying bills; transferring money, and much more! In this article, we look at three unusual app ideas – that we may have never even thought of looking for – that have already been developed, and may actually be pretty useful.

Sleepo: Sounds that help you sleep!

Are you one of those who sleep better when it’s raining outside? Do you prefer the feeling of being safe indoors while a storm is ripping outside your window? Then Sleepo is perfect for you!

Unusual Apps

This app is basically a library of noises that people love to fall asleep to. It allows you to choose from a great collection of HD sounds like different types of rain, nature and city sounds, white noise or instruments that can even be mixed into the perfect customized relaxing ambiences. There is also an option that enables you to save your favorite sound mixes so they are just a click away. Another amazing feature is that you can schedule a timer that will automatically stop the application; anywhere from ten minutes to your entire eight hours of blissful slumber! After you set it up, Sleepo does not even require an internet connection to work perfectly!

Sin Pin: Top up on the go!

Ever got disconnected in the middle of a very important call because you ran out of prepaid credit? This may now be a problem of the past, for Sin Pin is a mobile recharge app that allows you to stay in touch with family and friends around the world by providing you with the much needed top up. The app also enables you to send top up with family and friends.

aSmart HUD: Navigate with augmented reality features!

GPS navigation undeniably helps most of us get to where we’re going with ease. But aSmart HUD is a GPS app that takes the experience to a whole other level by displaying all navigational data as a mirrored reflection.

Basically, you usually mount your phone on the dashboard when you’re driving, but with this app, the screen is reflected on your windshield, so you do not have to look down at your phone at all. It’s one of those strange apps you never thought could maybe promote safe driving, for it will force you to look ahead. It is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

There is so much we can do with mobile applications nowadays, and even though some of them are things we think of and deliberately look for, others out there are quite unusual that we probably never thought we needed. I hope this article gave you some ideas on how unusual apps can help you optimize your day-to-day activities. Give them a go, and find out how the sky’s the limit with innovation in technology.

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