Below is a list of things you show never compromise on to keep a relationship. Even if it is always beautiful to make an effort to please whoever you are with, there is a limit to what you should do. See unhealthy compromises you should never make for a relationship.
1. Boundaries: Boundaries must be set in all relationships. What you can take and what you absolutely hate must be clearly stated to your partner. This has to be clearly stated before you start dating else, things could go south once you agree to begin a relationship.
2. Respect: According to PulseNG, there is no love and happy relationship without respect. It is surely impossible for a relationship to last if your partner has no clue how respect works. Avoid making excuses for a disrespectful partner and opt out of a relationship that lacks mutual respect.
3. Friendships: Never let go of amazing friendships because of a relationship. Balance things out to keep your partner and your friend because beautiful bonds are hard to get back once you lose them. If you ever date someone who does everything possible to ruin your associations with other people, it is not a good sign.

Unhealthy compromises relationship
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4. Dreams: Your goals and aspirations in life must be actualised. Never give them up because of your partner. You’ll regret it.
5. Your family: Family is everything. A relationship should never make you forget that.
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