Do you really know what the backlinks are? The world of SEO today is not understood without the term backlink linked to it. These links are a fundamental part, if not the most important, within any web positioning strategy. By backlink, we understand any incoming link that other pages, with a different domain to yours, do pointing to your website. This is the reason why so many website owners decide to buy backlinks for website regularly.
So, for example, if you have a blog about cooking recipes and another blog, website, cooking magazine or any type of website, mention it and include a link to any part of your page, we say that your blog has a new backlink.

How is a backlink different from a referring domain?

In many SEO tools and articles on web positioning you can find the terms ‘backlink’ and ‘referring domain’ (or reference domain). It is important to be clear about how they differ in order to correctly analyze the SEO of a website. If we have said that we understand backlink as an incoming link from another page that points towards your own, there may be a situation in which the same page includes different backlinks to your website in different articles.
Each of these links is a different backlink, but it is the same referring domain since they come from the same domain. That is, if the same page includes four incoming links pointing to yours, we will say that you have four backlinks and a referring domain, since this last term refers to the place (domain) from which the incoming links come, regardless of the number of incoming links in that domain.
If your page has 3 referring domains then it means that 3 different domains have included backlinks to your website and the number of these links will be at least three, one per domain, although there is the possibility that there is more than one backlink per domain.
How to get quality backlinks for your website or blog?

What types of backlinks should we distinguish?

Once we have clear the difference between backlink and referring domain, we go with the types of inbound links that exist: Follow and No Follow.



Also known as ‘Do Follow’, this type has a great weight in improving the web positioning of a page, since they transmit part of the authority from the source page to the destination page. That is, if they make a Follow link, they are also transmitting part of the authority of the page where the incoming link comes from. This allows, on the one hand, to create relationships and connections between both websites (from which the link leaves and to which it is addressed) and, on the other, enables Google to detect both the link and the theme of your website or blog in a way faster and simpler.

No Follow

However; it is practically impossible for a web page to have only Follow links in a natural way.
And Google knows!
Therefore, although the No Follow backlinks are characterized by not transmitting authority from one page to another, the links are more than necessary. In addition, the No Follow links do generate a significant volume of traffic and provide the naturalness and balance necessary for the combination between Follow and No Follow links to be optimal when successfully positioning a website.

How do backlinks help web positioning?

Although internal links are also important in positioning, backlinks are better valued by Google and the rest of search engines because they are understood to be more difficult to obtain and manipulate. However, it is not enough that a page has a number of external links, but there are some factors that influence when these inbound links improve to a greater or lesser extent the organic positioning of your website.


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