If you’re a business owner, you always want to ensure that the operational costs are low as possible. Energy costs can run into thousands of dollars if there are no efficient systems in place. When you buy a commercial walk-in cooler, the upfront cost is not the only cost that you should be worried about.
The cost of running a walk-in cooler will be a necessary expense as there legitimate reasons why you bought it. If you’re a business that is just starting out, buying a commercial walk-in cooler might not be a good investment especially if the finances are tight. The alternative would be to look for freezer rental options that don’t require you to buy and leasing immediately comes to mind. Apart from the initial costs, there are other factors that could also influence the cost of running your walk-in freezer.


The first step in making sure that the costs for running a walk-in cooler is by ensuring that the installation is done properly. You should consult with an expert first before making the decision of having the commercial refrigeration equipment in your premises. An expert will know the recommended way of constructing and installing the walk-in cooler so that it runs smoothly without any problems. A walk-in cooler that is installed properly with run efficiently and is likely to last long too.


A walk-in cooler should ideally have insulation on the floors, ceilings, and doors. The thickness of the insulation will determine how much you can save on energy costs. Good insulation will prevent outside heat transfer from interfering with the ambient temperature in the walk-in unit. Make sure that insulation follows EISA regulations and guidelines when the installation is being done.

Geographical Considerations

The type of climate where you’re located will determine the efficiency of the walk-in cooler. Your system might have to work harder if you’re in a place that experiences extreme temperatures. The physical location could also have an impact on energy consumption in your business. An example is if your walk-in cooler is located in a hot area and sits directly to sunlight. The unit will have to use more energy to provide cooling and keeping a safe temperature inside.

The temperature of Individual Items

This is particularly true for bigger items that are being stored inside the walk-in cooler. The temperature of the items can change the overall temperature inside the unit. Items that are placed inside the unit when they are warm will take more time to cool compared to items that have been in the cooler for a while. It will take a long time to cool if the item is heavy or dense. You will need to consider the kind of items that are going inside the walk-in freezer and temperatures.

Frequency of Accessing the Unit

The ideal situation would be for the walk-in unit to be accessed once in a while. This might not be possible especially in a restaurant setting that serves different kinds of foods. The outside temperature will mix with the inside temperature of the walk-unit if it is constantly being opened. This means that the walk-in unit will have to work harder to maintain a stable interior temperature. Employees will need to be aware of the fact that excessive opening of the unit could lead to high energy costs in the long run. You can think about adding vinyl strips and automatic door closers which will keep warm air out and cold air in for maximum operational efficiency of the unit.
Keeping the costs of the walk-in cooler down is a priority for any business owner. You can save a couple of dollars by changing the habits of the staff. It is also recommended that you invest in a temperature monitor so that you can know when there are major fluctuations in the unit. There are walk-in coolers that have alarms to notify you whenever there is a problem.
To sum it up, an energy efficient walk-in cooler is easy to maintain and is likely to last a long time. Make sure you’re renting or  buying reputable brands so that there is a guarantee on reliability. The installation process is also important to avoid any potential problems in the future. The staff will also need to be trained on the proper use of the unit to minimize frequent openings. Everything should be properly labelled so that they are easily accessible when the walk-in cooler is opened.

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