Years ago the music industry in Ghana and Africa was booming, the musicians were making profits out of their work through retail music shops at places like kantamanto and Kajetia until the emergence of massive usage of internet in the Ghanaian populace, which saw the business of online music sites.  Currently musicians make virtually nothing from sales of their songs since almost every song is up for free download.  Although some musicians make money from iTunes we must admit they make little unlike foreign acts since iTunes was not built with the African setting in mind since majority of music lovers do not have credit card to purchase songs, Africans should build what technologies to suit themselves. mobileMeet uMusic under the url , Africa’s Premier music store built with the African setting in mind with technologies that makes music promotions easy for the management of the artist   to maximize profit of their work.

This is what we need to get your song on the umusic website for FREE…

  1. Artwork or Cover art of the song. Must be very decent and must not portray anything that is forbidden for children under 18 to see or have access to.
  2. A well-mixed and mastered song in MP3 format
  3. Tell us your artistic name, who you featured (If any) and the producer of the song; and tell us if it’s a single, from an album, from a mixtape, or a cover song.
  4. Tell us what your song talks about or what the concept is all about.
  5. If it’s your first time, give us some info about yourself. Your previous releases, future releases and what you wish people should know about you.
  6. You can add anything you think will be interesting for people to know and become loyal fans.

    Note:  A Song per submission. Unless it’s an EP, Mixtape or Album.

Complying with all these will guarantee your track getting published on umusic website. We do not care about the content of the song so far as it sounds good and worth downloading. But remember that a well-produced song and an awesome video will win you more fans and greater opportunities. Please if you abuse the free service, you may be listed in the “Black List”

How umusic works for the artiste:

  1. Fill a music submission form
  2. Song gets approved and uploaded by umusic team for free
  3. Share your song!

For fans and users: uMusic is a virtual Kantamanto music store located on the internet. All you need is a your mobile money account number to buy songs which are not free, you can get all free songs by just few clicks but if you a true fan why don’t you buy a song?.

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