Ukwuani people
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Most people see them as Igbos, maybe because of their language similarities, but the Ųkwųani people are from Delta State, Nigeria. You will find them in the Northern part of Delta State and in some parts of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria.

If you care to know, the Ukwuani, Igbo, Ekpeye, Ika, and Ikwerre are not one language, they only belong to the one linguistic family of Igboid languages. Want more information about them? See Things you should know about Ukwuani people:

1. Their food: The Ukwuani people are known for consuming delicious meals like ofe-isege, mpikor, nri-iji, ofe-ikere, utala-iji, eba, ofe-ilolo, oto, ofe-eku and so on. So tasty, you should try them.

2. Their mode of dressing: They have a special way of dressing. Their men will mostly be seen in 6 yards of George wrappers tied around their waist, native shirt, beads, cap/hat, and a pair of shoes. Their women love to dress in 2 wrappers tied around their waist, blouse, a handbag, hair tie, earrings, and a pair of shoes.

3. Their belief: Before the missionaries showed up, the Ukwuanis practiced African Traditional Religion. Even if most of them have chosen Christianity or Islam as their religion now, some still practice their traditional religion.


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