UG professor William Baah-Boateng urges the Ghanaian government to invest in science and technology
Prof William Baah-Boateng

The benefits of technology in this era doesn’t need to be emphasised as it is already in most parts of our lives. Well, a professor from the University of Ghana’s Department of Economics, Prof William Baah-Boateng, has urged the Ghanaian government to make more investment in science and technology for sustained national development.

He’s advised the government to create a conducive atmosphere to promote the needed advancement of science and technology. In turn, this would help the government build a better economy.

The professor also stressed the role of technical education and training in building a better modern economy. He said with this, there should be more a practical and hands-on approach.

Prof Baa-Boateng, made these remarks at a forum organised by the Ghana Employers Association. The forum was to make employers and key stakeholders aware of the emerging trends in the world.

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