Ride-hailing company Uber has launched its on-water transport service, UberBOAT, in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. The pilot phase in Lagos was launched last Friday.
The service seeks to help commuters who want to avoid the city’s congested roads. The waterway service, UberBOAT, is operated in partnership with local boat operator Texas Connection Ferries and the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA).
Uber says the UberBOAT service will be “available on weekdays only for the next 2 weeks (October 11th to 25th of October).” And users will need to book a trip 24 hours in advance through the Uber app.
The service is available for these routes: Ikorodu to Falomo (in the morning) and Falomo back to Ikorodu (in the evening). Each trip costs 500 nairas (about 7.5 cedis).
The two-week pilot will see four trips a day on a fixed route between two locations in the city. And each boat will carry a max of 35 people for each trip.

How to book UberBOAT

  • Click on uber.com/bookuberboat to reserve a seat on the boat, bookings need to be made 24hrs ahead
  • Use your Uber signup details to complete the booking
  • You will get a confirmation email and Uber riders also get a 50% discount to take a ride to and from the jetty

The cruise schedule below will help you plan your trips:

Schedule Departure
(From Ikorodu in the morning)
(At Falomo)
(From Falomo in the evening)
(At Ikorodu)
Boat 1 7.00 a.m 7.35 a.m 4.00p.m 4.35p.m
Boat 2 8.00 a.m 8.35 a.m 5.00p.m 5.35p.m

Also, know that a PIN will be generated which you can use to secure your spot on the boat. Uber support staff will be present at the docks to help with UberBOAT booking.

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