Uber drivers safety discussions

Ride-hailing company, Uber Ghana has given its drivers the opportunity to engage with Old Mutual Insurance, safety and security experts, and local Uber team to improve their safety when on an Uber trip.

Uber is in its third year working in Ghana and this is part of the activities and initiatives the company is putting up for its drivers.

A discussion they held last week highlighted safety and security topics like how to minimize risks and prevent potential accidents while driving. Other topics included:

  • Driving with the correct vehicle registration documents.
  • Improving their well-being and stress management for driver-partners.
  • Thorough run-through of Uber’s in-app safety features.

Lola Kassim, General Manager for Uber, West Africa, made some remarks on the discussions. She said:

“Safety is at the heart of all we do at Uber, and we are always working to build a better experience for driver-partners registered on the app.

“We think it’s important to collaborate with safety, health and security experts, as well as organizations like Old Mutual,  to organize workshops that provide driver-partners with relevant and useful safety tips, thereby empowering them to make safer decisions, before, during and after every ride.

“As safety is a critical pillar to us at Uber, we are striving to ensure that driver-partners have access to information that improves quality and safety while on the road.”

The safety workshop is part of a recurring Safety initiative organised by Uber as a way of amplifying and reiterating its commitment to safety; of making rides safer and more secure for driver-partners and riders through our safety features.

The Country Manager for Uber in Ghana, Jessica Poku, also commented on the session. She said, “The safety workshops are being organized simultaneously for driver-partners in Accra and Kumasi.”

She continued that the company’s key focus is to “help make cities safer, and that includes listening to those who protect and serve our communities every day.” Therefore, Uber designed the workshops to provided its drivers with “knowledge and information facilitated by subject matter experts on a wide variety of subjects that are critical to safety while on trips.”

As Uber marks its third year of operations in Accra, Ghana, it will announce a series of activities and initiatives for its community of driver-partners and riders in Accra and Kumasi.



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