Pin code verification feature for Uber drivers in Nigeria
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Ride-hailing companies are recently making changes in their brands and app features. In March, one of the top competitors in the ride-sharing business changed its name from Taxify to Bolt. Now, Uber Ghana has also introduced a tipping feature for the Uber drivers.

This new feature in the Uber Ghana app had already been released to the US market back in March last year. The feature has now officially reached the Ghanaian version of the Uber app.

The tipping feature explains itself. The option is there to enable Uber riders to give tips to their drivers when their trip is over.

This is how the feature works. After you rate a trip, you can add a tip for the driver; you do this either by using the range of amounts already present or simply enter your preferred amount.

This is really a cool thing for the Uber drivers, but it still comes with a caveat. The tipping feature is only usable when a rider is using the Card Payment option on the Uber app as their mode of payment.

Why Uber Ghana has limited this cool update to the Card Payment option is quite questionable. Perhaps, it is only using this mode for the beginning and would extend it to other modes of payment.
Let’s hope Uber extends the tipping feature to other payment options because this is a way for their drivers to make extra money.


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