Uber fares to go down

Uber Ghana is starting to invest more in incentives to help its drivers make more money from the service. Uber fares are also being cut down by 10% for the UberX service. The ride-hailing service sees the country as one of its most important markets, thus, this reduction in ride fares.

Uber, being the foremost ride-hailing service in Ghana marked its third year of operations recently which it organised a series of events including joining Old Mutual to hold seminars to improve the partner-drivers’ safety.

Well, good news to Uber riders, the company says the fares of the UberX services is dropping by 10%. And it is already in effect.

Driver-partners play a vital role as without them, we can’t help keep the people of Ghana moving. As a commitment to listen to our community of drivers, we have spoken with hundreds of drivers and partners over the past few months. Based on feedback, as of Monday, 9 September 2019, Uber will be dropping rates on UberX in Accra by up to 10%.”

This means that the riders will have decreased Uber fares which will enable more people to use the service. As the drivers are not left out, they will also enjoy more earnings. This will happen through increased demand and improved driver promotions from Uber.

These promos will make partners (i.e. the drivers) pay a reduced effective service fee, and receive cash bonuses for increased trips.

According to Uber Ghana, the company always considers driver economics in every location it has its service in and has seen that lower fares mean greater demand, lower pickup times and more trips per hour. That is why the company is rolling out these new changes.

Assuring riders, the ride-hailing service says though the fares for the UberX service has gone down, the quality experience won’t be affected. Rides are rather going to get better from now onwards. And the drivers are definitely going to earn more through increased rider demand and increased incentives intended to protect earnings on the driver side.

Fare reductions are designed to help drivers by boosting demand so more people are requesting more rides through Uber, meaning drivers will spend more time with paying riders in the backseat and less time sitting idly waiting for a request,” says the statement.

The Communications Lead for Uber West Africa, Francesca Uriri, has said while the drivers are adjusting to the new prices, Uber will do a heavy investment in incentives to boost driver-partners’ earnings to mitigate the impact of the price cut.

However these lower prices are not always permanent and operational expenses and partner economics are closely monitored. In the unlikely event that the lower prices don’t result in driver-partners making the same or more, we will rethink the fare reductions. We have notified drivers about the fare reduction through dedicated workshops and focus groups,” she said.

The Communications Lead also added that the company wants to “ensure driver-partners in Ghana, whether they operate part or full time on the platform continue to thrive while using the Uber app by giving them the opportunity to fully benefit from the incentives Uber provides from time to time therefore keeping more of their earnings.”

Uber drivers and riders are also covered by Injury Protection which provides peace of mind while on the road. The reduction of Uber fares is already in effect since September 9, 2019. Also, the service says it is implementing a once-off clearance of all outstanding service fees that partners may owe to Uber.

This is our way of investing in the lives of driver-partners by ensuring that they continue to grow their businesses. We believe that this step will allow driver-partners to fully benefit from the incentives Uber provides from time to time which will see them increase their earnings”.

Uber Ghana assures that it is always exploring new ways to positively impact the lives of driver-partners in Ghana. Through these changes, partner-drivers in Accra, (whether full- or part-time on the platform) can continue to thrive.


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