These days internet-based businesses are gaining ground for various reasons. First, they don’t require you to have a massive workspace or warehouse to run it. Second, you can work from anywhere whenever you want. But, as easy as running an internet-based company seems, it isn’t.

Do you know why? Because you need to look after the website maintenance, security, backup, and other tasks without compromising its quality.

Even though you are tech-savvy, it is challenging to deal with computer technology since it requires you to invest continuous time and effort to manage the emerging hardware and software issues and their upgradation.

So, the question is, what the best solution to this problem is? It will help if you can get small-business IT support from outsourced IT companies.

Now the first question that might have come to your mind regarding “get small business IT support” is:

What is an IT support company?

You can perceive an IT support company as a well-experienced team of IT specialists who work as core IT professionals for your organization. The main goal of an outsourced IT team is to provide you with expert guidance and management to meet your various information technology needs. They have deep knowledge about:

  1. General Computer Systems
  2. Electronic Hardware
  3. Cloud Platforms
  4. Software Applications
  5. Device Networking

Not just that, every member of an outsourced IT support company has some unique skills and expertise in what they do. Using their knowledge, you can leverage a wide range of IT support services and fulfil your business’s IT demands.

Once you have decided to get small business, IT support, rest assured the potential technician will provide you with first-level assistance through call or email if you or your employees encounter a technical problem.

Why do you need IT support?

Just to let you know, high-quality and reliable IT support is essential for every internet-based business, whether big or small. Do you know why?

It increases your team’s productivity and thus your entire organizational revenue. It’s not that IT support services are only good for maintaining your existing IT infrastructure, but it also helps you stay updated on the latest technological trends.

Should your business opt for IT support services?

Yes, if the functioning of your business largely depends on the internet. Some examples of internet-based business ideas are:

  1. Online shopping
  2. Ticket booking
  3. Food ordering
  4. Digital courses
  5. Blogging sites
  6. Online Real Estate Investing
  7. Software applications
  8. OTT apps
  9. Live streaming apps
  10. And many more

What are various types of IT support?

1. Time and materials support

You need this type of assistance mostly when any software or hardware issues emerge in your IT systems. Maybe you can’t access a particular application due to an unknown problem, or you face slow internet speed affecting your employee’s working potential. In that case, you need to get in touch with an experienced IT partner that can offer you time and materials support.

They will use their precious time and resources to fix your IT issues as early as possible so that you can start working again. Usually, outsourced IT companies pre-decide the cost for such services, and it may increase based on the time your problem takes to get resolved.

2. Block hours support

The primary purpose of this type of support is to offer your business long-term IT assistance. How? You need to get into a monthly or yearly contract with an IT support company first. After that, the IT firm will help you with various computer-related services for a certain number of hours. A few IT tasks they can help you with are:

  1. Client Systems Incident Management and Helpdesk Support
  2. Hardware and Software Upgrades and Enhancements
  3. Network Installation and Maintenance
  4. Hardware Specification and Support
  5. ICT and Business Administration Consulting

Not only that, but they can also assist you in:

  1. System Monitoring
  2. Hosting Services
  3. Backup Services
  4. Print Services
  5. Security Troubleshooting and Solutions

3. Managed services support

The third type of IT support is “Managed Services Support.” When you choose this type of assistance, the outsourced IT companies will offer you 24/7 support in return for a predetermined fee.

Do you know what the USP of this type of contract is? It ensures that the concerned technicians will come to your company if they fail to remotely identify and resolve your issue.

Our two-cents

We hope you found answers to many questions in this content piece, such as what an IT support company is, what do they do, and whether you need to hire them or not. So, if you are considering outsourcing your IT support tasks to a third party, speak to the leading IT support service provider in Dublin.

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