Twitter has been testing in the past months how to record its Twitter Spaces – the feature that allows multiple users to have live audio conversations.

This new update, which started testing in late September 2021 is now available to all who host the Spaces. As a competitor to Clubhouse – a similar application, Twitter Spaces has since its introduction caught on and helped more hosts to reach their followers.

Why the recording option?

Twitter Spaces introduces recording option

The recordings are intended to allow the hosts to share intriguing conversations with a larger audience. It also aids individuals who arrive late to catch on with what they have missed.

Hosts of Twitter Spaces must prepare their rooms for an audio recording by giving them a title and up to three tags to describe the room’s discussion topic.

The host then turns on the “Record Space” option to begin recording the room. Those who enter the room will notice “Rec” and a red dot at the top of the screen, indicating that a recording is taking place (similar to Zoom).

When the session is finished, the host simply presses the “End” button and verifies that they want the room and recording to be turned off. The recording can be disseminated via Twitter.

This also implies that tweets used to advertise Twitter Spaces broadcasts will now contain a link to a recording rather than a notation that the program has ended.

Hosts will have access to recordings for 30 days after the broadcast for sharing purposes, or they can delete them at any time.

How to Record on Spaces

  1. Click the Spaces button
  2. Give the Spaces a title and choose a maximum of three tags. (Tags give an idea what the Spaces is about)
  3. Flip the Record button at the top
  4. Schedule or start the Space
  5. You can share the link to the Spaces in the DMs or via a Tweet
  6. When Space ends, the link will be a link to the recording
  7. Under Notifications, you can also View details to Tweet the recording
  8. Under host settings, you will have the option to choose where to start your recording with Edit start time (This allows you to cut out any dead air time that might occur at the beginning of a Space).

Twitter Spaces button introduced

Twitter Spaces introduces recording option

Also, in the latest update, the Twitter Spaces sign has been introduced to the layout of the app so once the app is opened, the Spaces button is within view.

The introduction of this allows users to find Twitter Spaces that are going on in other places under the areas of interest indicated by the user.

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