Popular microblogging platform, Twitter has recently added some new functionalities as it has been doing frequently these days. Right now, Twitter allows you to add photos, videos, and GIFs to your retweets (quoted tweets).
Though the feature is not yet available for Twitter on desktop, the company has the new feature available for the Android and iOS Twitter apps. It can also be accessible on Twitter’s mobile website.
The whole process of adding photos or videos to your retweets is really simple. It works just like how you add media when you’re tweeting. Tap the “Retweet with comment”, then choose the GIF or image icon in the toolbar. That’s it. Piece of cake.

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Though this is not a very big update to the platform, according to Twitter, the designing was a little difficult. The company wanted to design the addition of the new feature in a way that would be more simple and easy to understand. Twitter didn’t want users to get confused seeing two large tweets which are actually one tweet.
“We found it was challenging for people to quickly understand all the content in a Retweet with media. This was due to the layout; two large tweets stacked on top of each other.” 
Twitter now allows you to add photos, videos, and GIFs to your retweets
To make the whole things simple, the company places the original tweet in a smaller box which is indented. The original tweeter’s avatar is still present. And your tweet (retweet) is rather big, on top.

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