twitter conversations feature

Twitter is about to add a new feature that has to do with the tweets and replies on the platform. The conversation participation feature is going to help users limit the number of replies on their tweets.

The setting of the new conversation feature can be found right on the compose screen. So users can set it before they tweet. The feature will have 4 options: Global, Group, Panel, and Statement.

The “Global” will let anybody reply to your tweet. The “Group” option will allow only people you follow and mention reply to your tweet. The “Panel” option for is those you tag in the tweet.

twitter conversations feature

The last option, Statement, will just take away the option for people to reply to the tweet. This should be perfect for people, mainly celebs, who get a lot of attacks on their tweets. This is specially made for the Nana Abas, the Kwadwo Sheldons, the Donald Trumps, among others.

Twitter will be experimenting with the feature throughout the first quarter which afterwards will hit the global audience.

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