Twitter launches its new prototype app “Twttr” to improve conversations

Twitter launches its new prototype app “Twttr” to improve conversations

Twitter has announced its new prototype app, which is named “Twttr”, to improve conversations on the micro-blogging site. The prototype app is to improve the overall experience on the social site.

Twitter made the announcement via a tweet. The tweet said the prototype app, for the start, will only be available to some first group of users. This first group of users will get this Twttr app via email invitations.

Twitter launches its new prototype app “Twttr” to improve conversations

Anyone at all can sign up for the program, but only a selected number of people can use the app, for now. Only a selected number of users who speak English and Japanese will get to use the twttr app after downloading it.

The name “twttr” comes from Twitter’s first-ever name when it was initially launched. Twitter just named it so in memory of its old moniker.

Changes in the prototype Twttr app.

The prototype is definitely going to see some changes. Some of them are format changes to replies, new sharing options, and a lot more to make the Twitter experience more enjoyable.

Just like in WhatsApp, the app will have different colours for different replies. This will differentiate between various users, and it will make following a tweet thread easier.

Twitter has given the lucky users a way to discuss their experience on twttr. Using the hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo, people using the new prototype app can share the various features on the twttr app.

Moreover, the users are provided with an online form through which they can provide with their feedback. Users’ feedback will be necessary for further improvements of the twttr app.

Currently, it is not known when exactly Twitter plans to release the app to all its users. We believe once the platform has enough feedback and has considered all the final elements, twttr will be released for the general public.


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