There are a lot of international students who dream of studying in Turkey on a scholarship. Turkey Burslari Scholarships, considered to be one of the most prestigious bursaries in the world, has opened its application process for students who are interested in studying abroad in Turkey. There is no doubt the Turkey Scholarship program offers amazing scholarships to individuals from around the world.

Turkey Burslari Scholarships

The Turkish Republic receives many applicants each year. Many of them come to study in Turkey, but some also receive fully-funded scholarships. Therefore, if you wish to be among those in the good position of receiving this Burslari Scholarship in 2022, please submit your application.

About Turkey Burslari Scholarships:

Thousands of international students are taking advantage of this incredible opportunity in Turkey, where they are able to apply to colleges and universities for undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral studies. Each student is also required to complete a one-year Turkish language program in addition to his or her degree program.


Turkey Burslari Scholarships is a perfect and golden chance for international students, both male and female students are eligible for this scholarship program.

Brief Description:

  • Location: Turkey
  • Program: Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD.
  • Opportunity: Fully Funded Scholarship
  • Deadline: 20 Feb 2022

Is the Turkey Burslari scholarship the most suitable option for me?

The Turkey Scholarship is a 100% Fully Funded Government scholarship program that includes financial support, tuition fee waivers, accommodation, and health insurance, but it also provides university placement and academic, social, and cultural activities to its awardees at all levels of higher education.

Benefits of Turkey Burslari Scholarship program:

There are several advantages that come with this scholarship, and the followings are its benefits.

  1. There is no tuition fee
  2. Tuition fees cost
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Insurance for health
  5. The accommodation
  6. The tuition fee for the Turkish language program is fully covered.
  7. Monthly Stipend up to 800 TL for Undergraduate, 1100 TL for Masters, and 1600 TL for PhD students.

Eligibility Criteria of the Turkey Burslari Scholarship:

  • Students from all over the world are welcome to apply.
  • At least 70% in high school is required for students applying for undergraduate degrees.
  • Students applying for Master’s and doctoral degrees must have at least a 75% grade point average in their undergraduate and Masters degrees.
  • In order to be eligible for degree programs related to medicine, such as pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry, students should have at least 90% in high school.
  • The student must be under 21 years of age to apply for an undergraduate degree.
  • An applicant for a Master’s degree should be under the age of 30.
  • PhD students should be under 35 years of age.
  • Students who will graduate before September are eligible to apply.

Required Documents:

  1. Obtain a copy of your national identification card or passport.
  2. A passport-size photo was taken recently.
  3. An academic transcript.
  4. Score on the language test (if applicable)
  5. Scores on the national test (for domestic students)
  6. Results of international tests (if necessary)
  7. A research proposal (for PhD candidates)

How to apply for Turkey Burslari Scholarships programs?

There is an online application form and there is no application cost. The link to the application form is given below.

Application Link


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