It is impossible to explain the joy of travelling during the rainy season. Many travel secrets are revealed once you travel out when it is drizzling outside. And when it is about embracing the idyllic beauty Vietnam, we are short of words here.
Travellers usually skip visiting the S-shaped country Vietnam during rains, but trust us, the real beauty with stunning landscapes and lush green paddy fields is worth to have a glimpse of during this time of the year. The exotic view and the freedom you get to enjoy the locations due to less foot traffic will just melt your heart. If you wish to have the best tours in Vietnam, plan it between August to early February.
The average rainfall observed in the country is around 1500mm to 2000mm; however, the average temperature is between 22 to 27 degrees Celsius. Having said that, entire Vietnam experiences a diverse climate. The south of Vietnam experience two main seasons, dry and rainy season. Whereas the North of Vietnam experience typically four seasons and central has two seasons again.
Now that you have an idea of the season do not forget to read this blog before you land up in the country.
Once you have a list of places to visit in Vietnam, the first thing that you should do is, check the 10 days weather forecast from the prospective date of your travelling. This will give you a better idea of the destination’s climate.

Don’t plan for Islands

Idyllic islands have always been on the top list of visitors; however, we advise, do not include island places on your visit to the country.
Just for information: Vietnam experiences about 10-12 storms and tropical depressions.
This definitely indicates that, if you visit Vietnam islands during rains, there are chances of you getting stuck at the islands. And not to mention, staying during the storm’s costs you a hefty amount. Once trapped, you can not depart from the island unless the climate gets back to normal.

Don’t plan to climb the mountains

Don’t plan to climb the mountains
Even if you wish to go hiking or an adventure trail in Vietnam, the weather might not allow you to do so during the rains. The unpredictable weather is not suitable for any such outdoor activities and, if done, may land you up in an unfavourable situation. Unexpected landslides, wet and slippery roads, or the rock slides are major reasons for the accidents happening in Vietnam during the rainy season.
Note: For emergency purposes, do not forget to purchase travel insurance.

Drive cautiously during the rains

Since you would be new to the country, self-driving is usually not advised. You would be unaware of the traffic rules and speed limits, which may cause danger. During the rains, there are chances of fallen trees, rocks, or heavy storms, which makes your journey riskier.
If during the trip, you face any such situation, you should return back to the hotel or resume once the situation gets normal. Vietnam is a growing country, and the remote villages may not have lights, which can be a major reason behind fatal accidents during the rains. Having said that, being a rookie visitor, avoid driving cars even at nights.

Get waterproof backpacks:

This is an obvious and valid factor on the list. If you are travelling anywhere during the rainy season, it is pretty obvious that you need to carry waterproofing bags. When you explore Vietnam travel packages, the travel guide will definitely make you aware of the prerequisites of visiting a foreign country.
Having said that, do not forget to put your raincoats in the backpack. Although you can find raincoats in the country’s local market, it is always better to prepare in advance before landing up in uncharted terrain.

Pack less but smartly:

Travelling becomes more comfortable when you have less luggage to carry with you. Hence, pick up some cool and smart tank tops, a few shorts, and get going. It would be best if you avoid wearing jeans which get water-soaked making you feel uncomfortable and irritated. Pack clothes that are easy to dry in the rainy climate of Vietnam.

Always include indoor locations:

We understand how desperate you are to travel and hike, but hey rains are surely not the suitable season. And hence, you need to have a backup plan of travelling to indoor locations where the storms can not hamper the fun. Do not forget to carry a handy map or download an off-line Google map, so that it helps you to reach the nearest destination at the earliest.

Parting Words:

The beauty of Vietnam is truly fascinating during the rains, and we suggest that you should not miss your tours to Vietnam at any cost. Imagine you sipping the famous egg coffee from Vietnam, listening to the raindrops pouring outside!! Amazing right?

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